Cancer & Oncology

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Receiving a cancer diagnosis is, without exception, a very difficult time for both individuals and their families. Whether patients are dealing with breast, lung, prostate, or other cancer diagnoses, comprehensive cancer care means that you have access to top-notch oncology specialists, oncology certified nurses, advanced treatment options, leading-edge technology and a full range of resources to care for you and your family both medically and emotionally.

St. Anthony Regional Cancer CenterCancer services offer radiation therapy and chemotherapy patients the convenience of having a consultation and treatment coordination in one location, St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center. The treatment area at St. Anthony is designed for patients, to ease their anxiety and offer a familiar, comfortable setting. In addition to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, additional cancer services including surgery oncology treatment and support resources help patients and their families as they journey through the fight against cancer.

Support Services

St. Anthony Cancer Center's main phone number: 712-794-5265 and fax: 712-794-5264.

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You are never alone in your fight against cancer at St. Anthony. A team of nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, mental health, social services, education professionals and the hospital chaplain are all available to provide support and meet the changing needs of patients and their families throughout cancer treatment and therapy. Call (712) 794-5265 for information.

  • Nurse Navigator is an experienced registered nurse trained in oncology and palliative care who is available to guide you and your family through the entire process of diagnosis and treatment. The Nurse Navigator is a point of contact who can be there with you every step of the way to get you through pivotal times. 
  • Registered Dietitians work with each patient who begins chemotherapy or radiation therapy at St. Anthony. The patient’s weight is tracked and dietitians are available for any concerns that may arise throughout treatment. Consultation with a dietitian can help patients who experience unintentional weight gain or loss, loss of appetite, nausea/vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, altered tastes, dry mouth, or difficulty swallowing while undergoing treatment. Dietitians also work with patients to plan for coping with both the good days and bad days of treatment. 
  • Social Workers offer support to any patient who is in chemo or radiation therapy, and their family members by arranging for home health services, Lifeline, Meals on Wheels, providing adaptive equipment for the home, offering contacts for community resources, connecting with cancer support programs, or assisting with assisted or skilled care placement. 
  • Cancer Rehabilitation is provided by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists who can help you regain control over many aspects of your life during and after cancer treatment. The goal is to improve your ability to function and to keep you as active and independent as possible.
  • Mental Health professionals are available by appointment to meet with patients who are undergoing cancer treatment to talk through worries, anxieties, or concerns that may be a result of the cancer diagnosis. Therapy may include other family members or a referral for medication to help with depression or anxiety. The mental health therapist can also assist the patient or family in locating a support group. 
  • Offerings include referrals for resources to learn more and connections to the St. Anthony Cancer Support Group and individuals for support.
  • Chaplain: Patients and families are the focus of the hospital chaplain who offers spiritual and emotional support throughout the course of diagnosis, treatment, and at any time during the illness. The chaplain will also contact spiritual leaders and clergy of any faith upon request by patients and families. The Spiritual Care Staff is available 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday, or by contacting the hospital operator.
  • Oncology Certified Nurses: All of the nurses in the St. Anthony infusion department are oncology certified. This is a great benefit for our patients and their families. Oncology nursing certification validates and ensures that nurses have met stringent requirements for knowledge and experience. They are qualified to provide competent oncology care. As Cheri Theulen, RN, BSN, OCN, nurse manager states, "Having 100% oncology certified nurses demonstrates the strong commitment that St. Anthony Regional Hospital has to our patients and the community."

Medical Staff in Cancer & Oncology