Pediatric Therapy

St. Anthony Pediatric Therapy Services offer individual sessions with licensed therapists to help children establish a strong foundation for future learning!

Our team of therapists work collaboratively to provide quality, caring services to children with rehabilitation needs in our region. We encourage families to play an active role at all levels including assessment, planning treatment, and home programming.

Speech-Language Therapy
Speech Language

  • Learn to put thoughts into words and sentences
  • Learn to arrange sounds
  • Practice listening skills and learn to follow directions
  • Use language to interact with others
  • Communicate with the help of signs, pictures, and specialized devices
  • Swallowing issues

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Increase ability to balance, run, jump, and play using the whole body
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Improve tolerance for kids with an increased or decreased sensitivity to noise, touch, sounds and smells
  • Learn behavior coping skills
  • Learn self-care skills

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

  • Improve gross motor skills such as crawling, climbing, jumping, running, swinging, and playing ball
  • Improve posture, balance and coordination
  • Build strength and range of motion
  • Learn safety awareness when moving around play equipment and peers
  • Sensory integration

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Our goal of therapy is to help infants, children and teens to:

  • Make a full recovery or return to their previous level of function.
  • Learn to work within their functional limitations to become as independent as possible in age appropriate, everyday activities.
  • To enhance the quality of a child’s life by improving their ability to communicate with their family and peers.

How are services completed:

  • Assess children’s development and learning needs.
  • Gather input from parents/caregivers.
  • Select goals based on assessment, caregiver input and functional necessity.
  • Provide strategies to help the child be able to engage in everyday activities.
  • Use purposeful activity and age appropriate play to minimize the effects of disease, injury, congenital deficits and developmental delays while maximizing age appropriate motor skills.
  • Develop a treatment program specifically for each child using fun and stimulating activities in a 1-on-1 session.
  • Help with environmental changes that may be limiting the child’s ability to participate in family, learning, and community activities.
  • Assess need for adaptive techniques or assistive technology and supports for success.

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