Lactation Consultation

To better assist new mothers an infant feeding support group and lactation consultant is available.

Every baby is unique. And whether you have breastfed before, or this is your first time, we are here to support you along the way. Our Certified Breastfeeding Educators are available 24/7 to answer questions, problem solve, and help you feel confident and successful in your decision to breastfeed your baby. To request an individual consult with our Certified Lactation Consultant, call (712) 794-5260.

The focus is a more individualized approach to feeding infants, whether that be straight breastfeeding, a combination of breastfeeding and supplemental feeding, bottle feeding – or anything in-between. It is the goal to help new mothers choose the feeding method that best fits their needs. A board certified lactation consultant will be there to help you tailor feeding options to each mother-child pair. No two babies are the same. The same mother may have a completely different experience from her first baby to her second. Sometimes the answers are not clear, so the consultant will be here to provide support and feeding options to make feeding easier.

Infant Feeding Support Group 
Infant FeedingNew and expecting mothers, whether seeing a St. Anthony physician or another health care provider, are welcome to attend all St. Anthony support services and classes free of charge. The St. Anthony Infant Feeding support group meets weekly in Carroll. During the sessions, nurses weigh the babies if requested, answer questions about breastfeeding, concerns about going back to work, and more. Mothers build comradery with other new mothers. No registration is required and mothers and newborns may come and go as their schedules allow. Learn more HERE.

For questions regarding infant feeding or the Infant Feeding Support Group, please contact The Birth Place at St. Anthony Regional Hospital at (712) 794-5260.