Board-certified oncologists, Dr. Mark Westberg and Dr. Robert Behrens, coordinate chemotherapy treatment. St. Anthony’s staff of oncology trained nurses administer each treatment and become familiar, caring faces to each of our patients. Your physician will make a referral should you need chemotherapy. For more information about chemotherapy, or infusion therapy services, call 712-794-5502.

Mark Westberg, M.D.  Robert Behrens, M.D.
Mark Westberg, M.D.  Robert Behrens, M.D.








Infusion Therapy Nursing Staff 
Infusion Therapy Nursing Staff:
(Front - Sara Hocker, RN, OCN; Julie Pietig, RN, OCN
Back-Cheri Theulen, RN, OCN; Claudia Halbur, RN, OCN; Jane Hackfort, RN, OCN)


Cheri Theulen

"My name is Cheri Theulen and I am the nurse manager of the Chemotherapy/IV Infusion Unit at St. Anthony. I am oncology certified and have been a RN at St. Anthony for 27 years."

"All of the nurses in St. Anthony’s Chemotherapy/IV Infusion Unit are all registered nurses, who have a special interest in caring for cancer patients. Our nurses who are OCN designated have become oncology certified by passing a test that ensures they have an in-depth knowledge of cancer care.  The oncology certification is maintained by attending educational programs about cancer care and by continuing to work in this specialized field of practice."  Claudia Halbur, RN, OCN

"I started my career at St. Anthony in 1980, on the Medical Surgical Floor, and after eight years transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. In 1998, I transferred to the Outpatient Same Day Surgery/Chemotherapy Unit to care for oncology patients and to administer chemotherapy. People ask me why I want to do that kind of nursing. I always say, "As sick as a lot of our patients are, the best ususally comes out in them." We get involved with their lives and families while helping them through a rough period in their life's journey." Jane Hackfort, RN, OCN

St. Anthony has provided chemotherapy services to cancer patients for the past 20 years and currently administers approximately 85 chemotherapy treatments every month. In addition to chemotherapy, the infusion therapy department provides outpatient IV infusion therapy such as IV antibiotics, IV drugs to prevent bone loss, IV drugs for rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis patients, blood transfusions, injections of Procrit and Neupogen and other outpatient services. St. Anthony is proud of having an experienced infusion therapy staff with a collective total of over 94 years of nursing experience.

Currently, the infusion therapy nurses work with Dr. Mark Westberg and Dr. Robert Behrens, both board-certified oncologists. Dr. Westberg and Dr. Behrens come from Des Moines to hold clinics at St. Anthony on Mondays and Thursdays. The infusion therapy staff also works closely with other oncology groups and family physicians to provide chemotherapy treatment located close to home for the convenience of both the patient and his/her family.

The Outpatient Chemo/IV Infusion Center is currently located on the 1st floor level of St. Anthony, with parking available on the south side of the hospital. The Chemo/IV Infusion Center will soon be moving to a newly remodeled area conveniently located across from the radiation oncology area on first floor. “Our experienced and friendly staff are here for you, with a goal of guiding you and your loved ones through your cancer journey and helping you cope with what lies ahead.” Cheri Theulen, RN, OCN

 Julie Pietig, RN

“The nurses in the St. Anthony Chemotherapy/IV Infusion Center work hand in hand with the oncologists, social service, dietary and pastoral care staff, education department, and radiation oncology department to provide the best care possible for our patients. We work with the American Cancer Society to offer programs, including the Navigator program, Reach to Recovery, and Empowerment programs, and to provide a wide range of educational resources. We encourage support groups and make referrals as necessary. Our unit has helped our patients participate in clinical trials and has worked with physicians from other facilities to allow patients to receive their chemotherapy and IV infusions close to home. We welcome the opportunity to care for you.” Julie Pietig, RN, OCN 

Sara Hocker 

"My name is Sara Hocker and I have been a Registered Nurse, specializing in oncology for the past 9 yrs. I became certified in oncology in 2005. I began my career as an oncology nurse at the University of Iowa Hospital on an inpatient unit that specialized in leukemia and lymphoma. After 2 years I moved to Ames and took a nursing position at the Bliss Cancer Center, administering chemotherapy and working as a primary nurse for one of the oncologists. I was there 5 years before moving to western Iowa. Wanting to continue my career in cancer care, I found the outpatient Chemotherapy/IV Infusion Center at St. Anthony. Prior to learning about St. Anthony, I was skeptical about the level of cancer care that would be available to smaller communities and smaller hospitals. I was astonished at the cancer services St. Anthony has to offer their patients. St. Anthony offers the very latest in cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, biologic therapy, and radiation therapy. From my experience, I can personally assure you that St. Anthony is able to administer each and every cancer treatment protocol that would be available at a large cancer clinic or hospital." Sara Hocker, RN, OCN