Our Commitments

Compassion. Responsibility. Responsiveness. Teamwork. Dignity & Respect. Integrity.

These are not just words. They are words to live by, and they are lived and practiced by our staff members in every area of St. Anthony Regional Hospital. St. Anthony employees focus on providing better care to everyone who walks through our doors. We want every patient, nursing home resident, family member, visitor and vendor to feel that we care. We are building on processes already have in place and pay special attention to those “little extras” that allow us to show our customers we truly care. These are the commitments employees are focusing on throughout the hospital: 

Compassion: St. Anthony employees know that it’s up to each one to lend a hand, offer a smile, say “hello” and ask to be of assistance. Employees are encouraged to spend a few extra minutes discussing concerns and answering questions, giving patients, residents and families their full attention by being with them in “body, mind and spirit.”

Responsibility: St. Anthony employees take pride in themselves and their environment, using their time and resources wisely. Staff members are challenged to look for innovative ways to find opportunities to save, making everyone’s healthcare dollar more valuable. Staff members also encourage innovation, extra effort, the stewardship of resources and high personal and professional standards. Each day, we take full accountability for our actions on behalf of St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

Responsiveness: Listening to the concerns of others is a simple act that is essential to showing how much we care. Although we may not be able to fix every difficult situation, we will do whatever is within our power to make improvements. By stepping outside our normal responsibilities and becoming problem solvers, St. Anthony continues to meet the healthcare needs of our patients and community.

Teamwork: At St. Anthony, each member of the team works together to build trust, manage conflict and respectfully communicate with one another. The St. Anthony family is made up of our departments, working together to provide the best possible experience for our patients, families, visitors and coworkers. Positive communication within and between departments facilitates a teamwork atmosphere and promotes better patient and customer outcomes. 

Dignity and Respect: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” St. Anthony employees are taught to treat others as they would want themselves or their loved ones to be treated – with courtesy, dignity, and respect. Using the values of dignity and respect as their guideposts, St. Anthony employees continually strive to exceed patient and community expectations. St. Anthony employees know that every person who comes through our doors is the same—regardless of wealth, race, or age. Everyone deserves to be treated with equal dignity and respect. 

Integrity: At St. Anthony, there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. Employees are encouraged to build trust by using honest, open communication, taking pride in their work and demonstrating a positive attitude in all aspects of their work. Employees are further encouraged to take the necessary steps to improve themselves by changing certain behaviors which can make them better individuals – better able to serve St. Anthony’s customers. 

Every contact with our patients, visitors, and coworkers reflects on St. Anthony’s commitment to providing outstanding service. At St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home, our customers won’t just see these words in writing…they’ll see these words in action.