Comprehensive medical services for patients with chronic kidney disease.

The dialysis unit at St. Anthony Regional Hospital offers comprehensive medical services for patients with chronic kidney disease. Patients receive a multidisciplinary approach to care from trained professionals, including a nephrologist, certified-dialysis registered nurses, registered dieticians, and social workers. When a patient is referred to St. Anthony for dialysis, a close contact is maintained with their primary care physician.

The dialysis unit is moving to the first floor of the hospital in the Spring of 2023! Click here to watch a rendering video of the soon-to-be renovated unit.

Dialysis Services:


Hemodialysis services are located on the fourth floor at St. Anthony in a modern, comfortable area. Twelve patient stations are available, each with a state-of-the-art dialysis machine. The staff of dialysis professionals is able to meet the complex needs of hemodialysis patients as they undergo treatment.

Kidney Transplant Referral

Patients maintained on dialysis or who will require dialysis are potential candidates for kidney transplant surgery if they are in generally good health and other medical problems are well controlled. The nephrologists can refer interested patients to a transplant program for evaluation.

Organ donation is the gift of life. Two kidneys can free two people from a lifetime of dialysis. At  St. Anthony, we encourage you to talk to your family and friends about this important issue. For more information about organ donation, contact Social Services, at (712) 794-5248 or, the staff at the Dialysis Unit.

Nephrology Clinic

A nephrologist is regularly scheduled at St. Anthony for consultations and referrals. The nephrology clinic is located on the first floor, in the visiting specialist clinic area. Appointments can be made by calling St. Anthony Specialty Clinics at (712) 794-5072.

Hours of Operation

St. Anthony’s Dialysis Unit operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Hours are shortened or extended as required by the patient census. The staff is available to provide answers to kidney health issues by calling (712) 794-5278.

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