Community Health Needs Assessment

Our Message to the Community

St. Anthony Regional Hospital is inspired by faith and committed to excellence. We are dedicated to improving the health of the people we serve by leading in high-quality, high-value healthcare services responsive to the needs of our patients in the region.

With being a regional healthcare provider comes the precedence of staying current with the health needs of our community, therefore St. Anthony completes the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). This assessment is completed once every three years with the goal of identifying our region’s health priorities from feedback received by community stakeholders including but not limited to medical providers, residents, and education administration.

Our programs and services at St. Anthony reflect the findings of the CHNA by assisting in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of our strategies and community activities. From the CHNA findings, our health priorities include mental health, cancer, maternity care, obesity/live healthy, reducing the use of tobacco, and decreasing risky alcohol behavior.

We appreciate your support of the goals we are setting forth for the coming years. By working together, we will continue to provide excellent health care to the people of our region.

Community Health Needs Assessments:


Community Health Needs Assessment: 2022 

Community Health Needs Assessment: 2022 Implementation Strategy


Community Health Needs Assessment: 2019

Community Health Needs Assessment: 2019 Implementation Strategy


Community Health Needs Assessment: 2016

Community Health Needs Assessment: 2016 Implementation Strategy