Simulation at St. Anthony

3G Simulation

St. Anthony Simulation Center is advancing patient safety and quality by delivering hands-on training to our healthcare professionals. Preparing for everyday tasks or high risk emergencies, simulation proves to enhance critical care skills, clinical decision-making, communication and teamwork in a supportive, risk-free environment.

Adult Simulation Training

Adult simulations range from day-to-day tasks and recognition of change in conditions, to full resuscitation team response; providing opportunities to enhance clinical skills and knowledge in an interdisciplinary environment. Healthcare professionals use the knowledge gained in basic life support (BLS), advanced life support (ACLS), and trauma courses to work together in saving lives a secure setting.

Pediatric Simulation Training

Pediatric simulations range from early recognition of a child’s deteriorating condition, to full resuscitation team response. Creating realistic, dynamic, pediatric situations require our health care professionals to apply their knowledge of pediatric advanced life support (PALS) and day-to-day care and tasks of pediatric patients. Through simulation, the practicing health care professional utilizes clinical decision making, technical and behavioral skills, while practicing team dynamics.

Newborn Simulation Training

Newborn simulations are focused on caring for babies within the first days of life, and especially the first few minutes of life. Realistic scenarios are used to put the neonatal resuscitation program (NRP) and crisis management into practice. Healthcare professionals utilize technical, behavioral, and clinical decision making skills, while working as a team to improve response to emergencies and day-to-day newborn care.