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Working together to provide special care for you, your family and your newborn.

brthplaceGiving birth is one of the greatest joys you can experience and naturally, you want to share this joy with each member of your family. At The Birth Place, nurses and physicians work together to provide special care for you, your family and your newborn. We know this is a time of great expectations for you, and you can be assured your needs and expectations will be met. Our staff is dedicated to you and your new baby.

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Preparing for the Birth of your Baby

A new baby affects many lives, not just mothers-to-be. Fathers, brothers, sisters and grandparents have an interest in you and want to support you throughout your pregnancy. At the Birth Place, we include your family in many ways. Whether you choose relaxation coaching, a hospital tour, or one of our classes, the Birth Place and our education team are ready to work hard to make sure your birth experience is positive. 

The Birth Place strives to provide a loving start for every baby and loving care for every mom. Our promise to you is to provide respectful care, education, and a safe and secure environment to create a positive experience for you and your family.

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 Thank you for thinking of St. Anthony for your birthing experience!

A loving start for every baby, loving care for every mom.