Adult Medicine

Specializing in primary care services for adult men and women, internists provide personal, patient-centered care that is accessible, coordinated and comprehensive. Our care team specializes in the care of adolescents and adults, focusing on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases—from routine care of common illnesses and injuries to specialized care for rare or complex diseases and conditions.

Your internist / adult medicine physician will work closely with surgeons and other medical specialists to ensure that your care is coordinated and comprehensive. Each member of our team has been chosen for their passion, specialized training and years of experience. All are committed to you, your health, and making sure that you get the very best care and treatment possible.

Why Choose an Adult Medicine Specialist?

Your internist specializing in adult medicine will act as your primary care physician, providing your annual physicals, as well as the treatment for common colds and flu, and more complex diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Your internist will also arrange referral for specialty or surgical care and will provide preoperative evaluation and primary hospital care if needed.

Medical Staff in Adult Medicine