St. Anthony Regional Hospice

Comfort, support and compassionate care for persons in the final stages of an incurable illness.

“Caring at the End of Life… With Respect, Dignity, and Love –the Hospice Way”

“Our dad died recently, and it had been an especially hard time for us. At a time like that, you remember all the little things that make each day easier. Thank you for being there for those in need of your services.” - family of St. Anthony Hospice patientHospice

St. Anthony Regional Hospice provides comfort, support and compassionate care for persons in the final stages of an incurable illness such as heart disease, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease, lung disease or other life-limiting illnesses. Hospice enables them to live as fully and comfortably as possible until death comes peacefully and naturally. St. Anthony Regional Hospice support services include the patient’s family physician, as well as a team of nurses, home health aides, homemakers, social worker, medical director, pharmacist, chaplain, volunteers, music therapy, massage therapy and grief counselors who are trained to meet the unique needs of our patients and their family members.

Services from St. Anthony Regional Hospice are available within a 30-mile radius of Carroll and are designed to meet the patient’s needs in the home, in a nursing home, assisted living, or in a hospital setting. A Hospice nurse is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet the patient’s needs and assess changes in physical condition.

Referrals for Hospice services can be made by any interested person – patient, professional staff, clergy, friends or family members.

To make a referral, call St. Anthony Regional Hospice, at 712-794-5279.

“At St. Anthony Hospice, we know that death is a part of the cycle of life. The transition between life and death can be an extremely challenging and emotional time for our patients and their family members. Our goal is to provide dignity, compassion, and comfort to our patients as they pass through the final stages of life, and support to their family members as they prepare to lose a loved one.” - St. Anthony Hospice Director

Medicare, Medicaid, VA and most private insurances pay for hospice care. St. Anthony Regional Hospice uses community donations to provide care for hospice families for ongoing education of volunteers, staff and the communities we serve. No person is denied care due to inability to pay.

For more information about St. Anthony Regional Hospice contact:
Nicole Schwering, RN, Hospice Director
Phone: (712) 794-5279

Bereavement Support Group

Bereavement Support Group addresses a wide variety of issues dealing with grief, death, and loss. Please click here to read more. 

Giving to St. Anthony Hospice

Donations are accepted through the St. Anthony Foundation and may be made in honor or memory of a loved one.
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How Do I Volunteer?

All Hospice volunteers are required to complete training followed by an in-service session. The training course is offered periodically through the year. After completing the course, volunteers are asked to choose the area in which they wish to work: patient care, bereavement, office or community relations. To volunteer, call 712-794-5279. Click HERE to view a Hospice volunteer brochure.