Chronic Care Center

We treat the whole person - not just the symptoms.

St. Anthony Chronic Care Center is now providing Telehealth services for diabetes patients. This includes visual conferencing or phone services if internet capabilities are not possible. Our goal is to continue to provide high quality educational services and behavioral support during the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, while reducing exposure to high risk patients. For new referrals and current patients, we will call patients to set up whichever telehealth service works best for them. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns regarding this service. We appreciate your support and understanding.

The Chronic Care Center offers: 

The approach at the Chronic Care Center is to treat the whole person - not just the symptoms. This approach gives a highly customized treatment plan. Whether you are at the beginning of your illness, or have been living with it for many years, the Chronic Care Center will customize a treatment plan to put you on the road to better health. 

Take charge of your health today! Chronic Care services are available through self-referral, or physician referral sources. Call (712) 794-5901 or email the Chronic Care Center to find out more! 

Medical Staff in Chronic Care Center