Legacy & Estate Planning

Most of us hope we have lived in a way that matters. We hope we have made a difference. If given the chance, we would like to leave a legacy.

We'd like to offer you the opportunity to solidify your legacy...to ensure that your life's work and personal values will be remembered as you wish them to be, not only through your heirs but also through support of your favorite charitable organizations.

St. Anthony Foundation has retained the services of a charitable estate planning firm, Thompson & Associates, to work with our closest donors and friends in the creation of a special kind of estate plan, one that includes gifts to your favorite charities as an integral part of your plan. The company uses a team of professionals who are experts in helping people articulate goals and objectives for the estate they have worked a lifetime to accumulate.

What Thompson & Associates will Do for You

With these goals in mind, a comprehensive estate plan is developed that will illustrate how you can maximize your charitable dollars while minimizing taxes, and, in many cases, increase your income from your donation. A proper plan will assist in passing on to heirs as much of your estate as you deem appropriate and yet give meaningful gifts that will impact your charities and communities for generations.

Several things make Thompson & Associates different from other charitable planning services.

  • Thompson & Associates has no products to sell.
  • Thompson & Associates does not manage money or other assets.
  • Thompson & Associates does not draft documents.

These services are provided free of charge and are underwritten as a gift to the community by St. Anthony Foundation. Thompson & Associates does not receive any compensation or commission on recommended estate planning documents.

Estate planning attorneys from Thompson & Associates will provide a recommended estate plan for each participant. You will use your own attorneys and financial professionals to draft all estate planning documents.

All information shared with the Thompson & Associates representative is confidential and will not be shared with anyone at St. Anthony. St. Anthony will only know that people have utilized the planning service, but will not know any part of an estate plan at the conclusion of the planning process.

The entire estate planning process will be completed in as few as two, or as many as eight or more planning sessions, depending on the complexity of the estate. Every situation is unique.

No one has an obligation to Thompson & Associates or St. Anthony Foundation. After consultation with Thompson & Associates, your trusted advisors will implement your plan.

We invite you to take advantage of this service. It's a free, confidential, and no obligation opportunity to explore how adding charitable provisions in your estate plan can actually leave more to your heirs while reducing the amount of taxes you (and they) pay.

Please contact us to discuss your interest in visiting with Thompson & Associates. We sincerely look forward to your participation and invite you to call us at 712-794-5223 to schedule a time to meet with Thompson and Associates.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Doug Olson, contact Trish Roberts, at 712-794-5223, or e-mail foundation@stanthonyhospital.org.