Susan Bayer - Creating Future Healthcare Staff

Susan Bayer lived her entire life appreciating everything around her. From the cats she gently nurtured to the farm ground southwest of Carroll that anchored and sustained her, Susan enjoyed them all and cared for her older siblings. Susan quietly accepted what life gave her, like her love of reading and great respect for education. Read entire bio

Justina Langel - Aiding Others at the End of Life

St. Anthony received a generous gift from the estate of Justina Langel. Justina's connection with St. Anthony began when she moved to Carroll and started began working at the hospital. Later in life, she was an active volunteer with the St. Anthony Auxiliary. Read entire bio

Sheryl Stoolman - A Model for Excellence

For 26 years, Sheryl Stoolman was a dedicated, compassionate and patient-focused nurse in St. Anthony's emergency department and an EMT with the Carroll County Ambulance Service. Sheryl touched the lives of countless people in the Carroll area over the years and was recognized with many state-wide honors for her exceptional nursing skills, dedication and contributions to the community. Read entire bio

Mary Thaler Yates - A Gift to Educate Others 

Mary Thaler Yates attended the Antonian School of Nursing, graduating in 1943. After her passing in October of 2004, her daughter Joyce Geisler created the Mary Thaler Yates Memorial Scholarship at St. Anthony Regional Hospital. Read entire bio

Gil Renze - Giving to St. Anthony's Immediate Needs

St. Anthony Foundation received a $100,000 gift from Gilbert Renze's estate to be used towards the renovation of the Emergency Department at St. Anthony Regional Hospital. Mr. Renze managed the Gus Schroeder Elevator Co. for 26 years. Read entire bio

Wilfred Eischeid - A Gift from the Heart

St. Anthony Foundation received $100,000 from Wilfred Eischeid's estate to be used towards the renovation of the Emergency Department at St. Anthony Regional Hospital. Mr. Eischeid served in the Army from 1942 to 1945 during World War II in Africa, Italy and central Europe. Read entire bio

Aurelia Lamp - Quiet Good Works are Not Forgotten

Aurelia Lamp was a quiet person. Throughout her life, Aurelia went about her business taking care of her family, spending time with friends, working and later volunteering at St. Anthony. Many people remember coming to St. Anthony to see a specialty physician, and being greeted by Aurelia at the sign-in desk. Read entire bio

Margaret Seidl - Thinking of the Future 

Margaret Seidl was a retired nurse who chose to move back home and retire in Carroll after being a nurse in Washington D.C. for 40 years. Margaret knew the importance of having plenty of well-trained nurses to care for people's healthcare needs in the coming years, especially as Americans are growing older. Read entire bio

Gus and Lil Schroeder - Celebrating through Giving

Gus and Lil Schroeder have a vision for western Iowa, and they are willing to share of their personal resources to make it happen. In December 2006, Gus and Lil invited family and friends to share in a "celebration of giving" at which many organizations that have been important to the Schroeder's throughout their lifetime received a gift. Read entire bio

Ken and Wilma Tranter - A Gift that Gives Back

Carroll area natives, Ken and Wilma Tranter, spent much of their adult lives in California and Nevada. When they decided to move to a retirement facility, they chose Orchard View in Carroll as their new home. Ken and Wilma appreciate living in a community where excellent healthcare services are easily available. Read entire bio