Aurelia Lamp

picture of Aurelia LampAurelia Lamp was a quiet person. Throughout her life, Aurelia went about her business taking care of her family, spending time with friends, working and later volunteering at St. Anthony. Many people remember coming to St. Anthony to see a specialty physician, and being greeted by Aurelia at the sign-in desk. Aurelia always helped make patients feel more at ease, and was diligent about being sure the physicians had the information they needed to proceed with the office visit.

Often, the quiet people aren't recognized for the good they do. As an independent person who liked to make her own decisions, Aurelia quietly supported St. Anthony every year. When Aurelia was no longer able to live alone, she moved to St. Anthony Nursing Home. Aurelia continues to make a positive difference at St. Anthony even though she passed away in February 2005, leaving a generous bequest to St. Anthony Regional Hospital and St. Anthony Hospice. Although we miss her, Aurelia's quiet good works are not forgotten....they have just begun.