Susan Bayer

picture of Susan BayerSusan Bayer lived her entire life appreciating everything around her. From the cats she gently nurtured to the farm ground southwest of Carroll that anchored and sustained her, Susan enjoyed them all and cared for her older siblings. Susan quietly accepted what life gave her, like her love of reading and great respect for education. Her intense loyalty to the Iowa Hawkeye football and basketball teams was a highlight of her entertainment and an easy topic of conversation for Susan and her friends.

As the last remaining sibling, Susan was left to make the final decisions about the bequest of the family farm and assets. Placing a high value on education and healthcare, Susan ultimately left nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to St. Anthony to help provide educational opportunities for current or future health care providers.

"Susan's generous gift will help St. Anthony offer important education and training opportunities for our staff," said Ed Smith, St. Anthony President. "We also work closely with the healthcare training programs at Des Moines Area Community College, Western Iowa Tech, Iowa Central Community College and others to assure that students entering the workforce have access to advanced simulation technology, as well as practical knowledge in caring for patients. Our education endowment is critical to help pay for education programs which we believe will lead to high-quality patient care," he added.