Cancer Center Campaign Donors

St. Anthony Foundation is grateful to these donors who have made a commitment to the St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center Capital Campaign. We thank them for their generosity and support for this important project.

Waspy's Truck Stop

Waspy's Truck StopShown in the photo from left to right are Ed Smith, St. Anthony President and CEO, Brian Handlos, Lawrence (Waspy) and Doris Handlos, Beth Handlos Wahlert, Pat Handlos and Trish Roberts, St. Anthony Development Director. Not pictured is Tim Wahlert.

Recognizing the overwhelming need for a cancer center with state of the art technology, the owners and family of Waspy’s Truck Stops in Audubon and Templeton recently pledged their support to the new St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center. The Handlos family gathered for a photo at the Audubon Waspy’s location to present their gift of $100,000.

“We donated to the Cancer Center because Doris is a cancer survivor,” said Lawrence ‘Waspy’ Handlos. “Like many others, we've had friends and family survive cancer. And we've also had several friends and family who lost their battle with cancer. Donating to a highly respected cancer center like the one being built at St. Anthony will benefit so many cancer patients and their families in central and southwest Iowa because of its location in Carroll, versus having to travel hundreds of miles to Omaha, Des Moines or even further for treatment."

Van Meter

Van Meter

The Van Meter Employee of the Year Award was founded by the Clete Smith family, in his memory, to be given to an employee who is conscientious, fully engaged and goes above and beyond for customers and fellow employee-owners. Every year, Clete’s family members surprise an employee and personally deliver this award. With this honor, comes a donation prize of $1,000 to be given to the recipient’s organization of choice. Van Meter is a full line electrical distributor with 500+ employee owners, serving 13 locations in Iowa, and also Omaha and Kansas City. This year, the award was presented to Amy Grossman of Carroll. Amy chose to give her award money to the new regional cancer center at the St. Anthony in memory of her dad, Don Schechinger, who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in 2005.

Shown in the photo presenting the donation to St. Anthony from left to right are Van Meter Branch Supervisor John Lorenzen, Contract Analyst Amy Grossman, Trish Roberts and Ed Smith, both of St. Anthony.

Carroll County Farm Bureau

Carroll County Farm Bureau

St. Anthony extends a special thank you to our friends at Carroll County Farm Bureau who contributed to the new St Anthony Regional Cancer Center. “We chose to make a donation to the new St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center because it has affected us, our clients, our families, and the community as a whole,” said Jeff Dentlinger, agent with Farm Bureau in Carroll.

Knowing that cancer affects 1,100 people in west central Iowa each year, the board and staff of Farm Bureau in Carroll County made an important choice when it came to deciding if they should give to the project. “On behalf of Carroll County Farm Bureau’s 1,700 members, we are honored to give a combined gift of $20,000 to the St. Anthony Cancer Center,” said Brian Hoffman, Carroll County Farm Bureau president. “Cancer has touched so many of our families in our rural farming communities.”

Pictured are front row, left to right: Carroll County Farm Bureau Board Members Kyler Oswald, Jason Nees and Brian Hoffman and Agent Jeff Dentlinger. Back Row: Ed Smith and Trish Roberts of St. Anthony, Campaign Committee Member Ryan Milligan, Farm Bureau Regional Manager Jim Heithoff, and Agent Ryan Kock.

Carroll County Treasurers Office

Carroll County Treasurers Office

The staff of the Carroll County Treasurer’s Office recently made a generous donation of $1,600 to the new regional cancer center at St. Anthony. Employees have participated in Casual Days in the office by making a donation with the intention of using the funds raised by these days for a good cause that all could agree upon. Several different options were discussed, but the group kept returning to the St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center. All eight employees have been touched by cancer and all of them support having a local center that can be conveniently accessed by our local citizens.

They hope their donation can present a challenge for other businesses or offices in the Carroll County area to do the same. Pictured in the photo, front row, right to left are: Jessica Haubrich, Roseanna Schulte, Donna Pietig, Casey Bruch, and Treasurer Jean Seidl. Back row, right to left are: Lisa Wagner, Brooke Bruning, Pat Vonnahme, Trish Roberts and Ed Smith, both of St. Anthony.

Templeton Savings Bank

Templeton Savings Bank

The Horbach Family of Templeton Savings Bank recently gathered at the bank office in Templeton to present a pledge to the future St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center. Feeling the effects of cancer personally many times over, they noted how traveling to treatment can be tiring for the patient and the caregiver as well. “We are happy to be a part of this important project,” Teresa Horbach said. “Many of our family members have faced cancer and we know how important it is for people to receive treatment close to home.”

Pictured in the presentation at Templeton Savings Bank are front row: Laura (Horbach) Bock, Teresa and Tom Horbach. Back Row: Ed Smith, St. Anthony President and CEO, John Horbach, Bill Horbach and Trish Roberts, Development Director of St. Anthony Foundation

Templeton Hardware

Glen and Mary Ann Riessleman

Glen and Mary Ann Riesselman recently pledged their support for the St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center with a generous gift of $10,000 to the Building Hope campaign. Riesselman’s own Templeton Hardware and have been impacted by cancer personally so when asked to contribute to the campaign, they didn’t hesitate. Mary Ann commented, “It’s just the right thing to do, we are glad that we could help.”

Pictured in the presentation at Templeton Hardware are Ed Smith, St. Anthony President and CEO, Glen and Mary Ann Riesselman, and Trish Roberts, Development Director of St. Anthony Foundation.

Templeton Telephone

Templeton Telephone

Pat Snyder and Larry Sporrer recently presented a pledge of $10,000 to the cancer center project on behalf of Templeton Telephone Company, dba TempletonTelecom. Noting how long distances, time away from family, and inclement weather makes traveling for cancer treatment difficult, they want to see the St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center into fruition. Pat Snyder explained, “Templeton Telephone immediately recognized the need for quality care close to home for the cancer patients, their families and friends and we are proud to be part of this worthy project.”

Pictured in the presentation at Templeton Telephone are Trish Roberts, Development Director of St. Anthony Foundation, Larry Sporrer, President of the Templeton Telephone Board of Directors, Pat Snyder, General Manager for Templeton Telephone and Ed Smith, St. Anthony President and CEO.

Western Iowa Networks

Western Iowa NetworksPictured in the presentation at Western Iowa Networks office in Breda are front row: Jeff Roiland, CEO of WIN; St. Anthony representatives Trish Roberts, Development Director and Ed Smith, President and CEO. Back row: WIN Board members, Mike Schwabe, Cliff Neumayer, Jerry Sturm and Dan Nieland.

The board of Western Iowa Networks (WIN) recently presented a donation to the new St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center in the amount of $25,000. In making the donation, they kept in mind their employees and customers who have been touched by cancer.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some fashion,” said WIN CEO Jeff Roiland. “Many have lost loved ones, or fought side-by-side with them as they endured cancer treatments or have gone through the fight themselves.” Roiland acknowledged the physical and emotional cost of going through cancer treatments, but also commented on the financial cost to families. “Patients that receive their care at St. Anthony will not have to endure the travel time and expenses, which will be wonderful,” Roiland said. “This donation is on behalf of WIN as a company, but we really feel it is on behalf of our employees and customers who have been affected by cancer. This is our way of being part of something that will be a huge benefit to so many.”

Westside State Bank

Westside State Bank

On September 20th, the Jim and Peggy White Family presented a pledge of $100,000 toward the St. Anthony Cancer Center Campaign. Their gift is being made through the Crawford County Foundation and the Omaha Community Foundation, where a permanent donor fund is established with St. Anthony Foundation being the owner of the fund. Making the gift in this manner allows the White’s to utilize Endow Iowa Tax Credits, a program established by the Iowa Legislature to encourage community investment and support.

The White family was on hand when making the gift presentation. Pictured are front row: Maureen Beck, Jim and Peggy White, Jenna and Matt Lujano and back row; Bill Beck, and St. Anthony representatives Ed Smith, President and CEO and Trish Roberts, Development Director, at the site of Westside State Bank in Carroll.

Bill and Joan Blohm

Bill and Joan BlohmPhoto: Ed Smith, President & CEO, Bill and Joan Blohm, Trish Roberts, Development Director

Dr. Bill and Joan Blohm were among the first people to show their support of the St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center with a generous donation. Traveling for cancer treatment can mean long hours on the road for many weeks at a time. Having a new regional cancer center alleviates that worry for many patients in west central Iowa.

“When we first saw the Cancer Center story, we knew it was something we could and would support,” said Bill Blohm. “With the full backing of our family, we chose to make a pledge of $100,000. Both Joan and I have dealt with cancer personally and have made St. Anthony our choice for all of our various medical issues. Being able to use IRA funds to pay for our pledge has been a great option for us.”

Lenz Family

Lenz Family

St. Anthony is grateful to the Ray Lenz Family who recently pledged their support of the new St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center with a gift in memory of their wife and mother, Carol Lenz. Carol devoted her life to raising their children and was an avid volunteer, spending many hours at St. Anthony Nursing Home. She was also a cancer fighter who ultimately lost her battle to the disease.

Ray, along with his son Scott Lenz and daughter Janelle Lenz Schreck, are shown in front of the cancer center construction site presenting their support of $50,000 to Ed Smith, President and CEO, and Trish Roberts, Development Director. Missing from the photo is daughter Julie Vessel.

New Cooperative

New Cooperative

NEW Cooperative committed to a gift of $25,000 and presented the first installment of that donation on May 16, 2019. Pictured are Trish Roberts, St. Anthony Development Director, Dr. Mark Westberg, Medical Oncologist, Dr. Randal Hess, Radiation Oncologist, and Gary Mortiz, Communications Director, of NEW Cooperative

The Graphic Edge

The Graphic Edge

The Graphic Edge employees donated a total of $7,000 on May 15, 2019 towards the new St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center. The money was raised after the employees surpassed their goal for the Relay for Life. They also contributed to an employee charity fund. Pictured from left are The Graphic Edge employees: Abbey Brauckman, Robin Wilson, Ashley Keller, Megan Warnke, Abby Ortner, and Peg Sanders along with Trish Roberts, Dr. Randal Hess and Ed Smith, all of St. Anthony.

JP Flooring

JP Flooring

Kendra and Jeff Peterson, owners of JP Flooring in Carroll, pledged $3,000 in April 2019 toward the building of the Regional Cancer Center at St. Anthony. They recall how parents of their good friends had battled cancer and understood how difficult it became for them to have to travel long distances to receive their treatments in the metro cities.

"We are so proud to be a part of this project and to see the growth in the Carroll area," Jeff said. "We are one step closer to helping our friends and neighbors who won't have to travel so far for cancer treatment anymore."

Availa Bank

Availa Bank

On Friday, July 19, the Availa Foundation presented a check in the amount of $250,000 to St. Anthony Regional Hospital.  The Availa Foundation is proud to give back to the communities that Availa Bank serves, and partner with St. Anthony to build hope for the future.

Pictured are St. Anthony Cancer Center co-chairs along with staff members from Availa Bank’s Carroll branch.

United Bank of Iowa

United Bank of Iowa

On July 26, the employees of United Bank of Iowa presented a commitment to the St. Anthony Cancer Center Campaign with a pledge of $50,000. The St. Anthony Cancer Center is under construction with a slated completion in the fall of 2020. The campaign is an effort to raise more than $7 million of the estimated $16.5 million cost of the new building. Pictured are UBI staff members from the Carroll and Glidden offices presenting their commitment to the St. Anthony Foundation in Carroll.

Mid Iowa Insurance

Mid Iowa Insurance

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Terry Axman and Mike Franey, owners of Mid-Iowa Insurance and Real Estate for making a pledge to regional cancer center project at St. Anthony. Their gift of $25,000 will have a significant impact on treating those with cancer in west central Iowa.

“Cancer has touched everyone's lives. At Mid Iowa we have always considered giving back part of our role in this community. To be able to give to a project that will make such an impact on the lives of our family, friends, and fellow citizens of the Carroll area is just the right thing to do,” said Mike Franey, Owner.

Dahn & Woodhouse Funeral Home

Dahn & WoodhouseJay and Julie Woodhouse and Family, Bob Woodhouse, and Dahn & Woodhouse each gave to the regional cancer center campaign, Building Hope, with a combined gift of $15,000. They have felt the astounding impact of cancer diagnoses in our area many times over through their clients.

“We feel that the personal investment we made towards the St. Anthony Cancer Center is necessary. The stories from the clients we are honored to serve at Dahn & Woodhouse Funeral Home have made us realize what courageous battles these families have gone through. The common denominator of many of these families includes traveling out of town for various treatments. Traveling commits many families to added expenses, from taking off work, hotel rooms, meals, and gas; the amount of time and money spent can be a burden. Offering a top of the line cancer center here in western Iowa will help relieve many of these burdens. We feel truly blessed to have a regional hospital in Carroll that is able to offer the level of care St. Anthony gives. What a great addition this new cancer center will be for all of us,” Jay Woodhouse, Owner.

Drees Company

Drees Co

Drees Company committed a gift of $50,000 to build a new regional cancer center on the campus of St. Anthony. Howie Drees, owner, said "We know so many people that have and are suffering from cancer, how could we not give."

In the photo in front of the site of the new cancer center are several members of the campaign committee to raise more than $7 million for the project. From left Ryan Milligan, Pat Louis, Terry Axman, Tom Louis, Howie Drees, Mark Nepple, Dr. Kyle Ulveling, Jill Schweers, Tom Farner and Matt Greteman.

Farmers Cooperative-Arcadia

Farmers Cooperative - ArcadiaShown from left to right, Dave and Lucille Leiting, along with co-chairs for the campaign, Matt Greteman, Barry and Mary Bruner, and Jean and Tom Farner.

Dave and Lucille Leiting, along with Farmers Cooperative-Arcadia, recently pledged their commitment to the regional cancer center being built at St. Anthony with combined gifts of $65,000. “As we live our daily lives, we believe that we will remain healthy but that can all change suddenly. My wife, Lucille, and I have experienced this with our parents. When cancer strikes close to home, there is a great burden on both the patient and the caregivers. Having a regional treatment center near home greatly relieves one major burden. Lucille and I have personally donated to this cause and ask you to also join in and be a part of this regional project,” said Dave Leiting.

He continued, “I also am the General Manager of Farmers Cooperative Elevator which has assets in Carroll and Crawford Counties. We are not a large cooperative, however we do support our local communities with donations and matching gifts from the industry. Our employees depend on the medical facilities in Carroll and have received cancer treatments at St. Anthony. Some have been able to work while receiving treatments which helps them both monetarily and mentally. To fight cancer locally it will take all businesses and many people personally to build this cancer center. Please join us in doing just that.”

Carroll Broadcasting

Carroll Broadcasting

On behalf of Carroll Broadcasting Company and the Mary Collison Family, Kim Hackett, Kelley Derner and Pete Collison presented the center with a $50,000 donation last week. “Carroll Broadcasting Company and the Collison family are proud to support the St Anthony Cancer Center. We want those affected by this disease to be able to get the treatments they need- right in their backyard. This cause is close to our family and the families of all those who are fighting cancer. We are so fortunate to be able to build this facility, which will help so many!”

Shown here representing their gift to the project are Kim Hackett, Kelly Derner and Pete Collison in front of a portrait of their late father, Paul Collison.

Randy's Diesel

Randy's DiesleShown from left to right, are Trish Roberts, Development Director at St. Anthony, Mary and Randy Bruhn, and Ed Smith, St. Anthony President & CEO.

Randy and Mary Bruhn, owners of Randy’s Diesel in Carroll, recently made a donation to the regional cancer center campaign at St. Anthony. With their gift of $10,000 they wanted to show their support of receiving treatment close to home.

As they’ve experienced many times over the years, they know it’s important to avoid travel when possible during the days, months or years a person fights cancer.

“We wanted to support the St. Anthony Cancer Center because we have many family members who have needed cancer treatments and having the facility in Carroll makes for less driving time to the cities,” said Mary Bruhn. “On top of that, the patient care feels more personal and friendlier.”

JEO Foundation

JEO ConsultingShown in the photo are Trish Roberts, St. Anthony Development Director, Noah Dryden of JEO, and Ed Smith, President and CEO of St. Anthony.

The mission of the JEO Foundation is to positively impact communities and members through volunteering, education and charitable giving. On behalf of the JEO Foundation, Noah Dryden of Carroll recently presented a donation of $10,000 to support the regional St. Anthony Cancer Center. Dryden works in the Carroll JEO Consulting office and sits on the JEO Foundation Board.

“The JEO Foundation is focused on giving back to communities in which we live and work,” Dryden said. “This cancer center will touch everyone in western Iowa in one way or another and we are proud to support it.”

At nearly 21,000 square feet, the new, freestanding cancer center will bring the outdoors in with large windows, high ceilings, and wood floors to allow panoramic views of the city and adjacent valley.

Sharp Funeral Home

Sharp Funeral HomeShown in the photo are Sheppard and Katie Smith, Lakelyn, Piper and Kyle Atkinson and St. Anthony President and CEO Ed Smith.

Kyle and Piper Atkinson, Sheppard and Katie Smith and Sharp Funeral Homes recently made a commitment of $25,000 to the regional St. Anthony Cancer Center campaign.

“The reality of having a Regional Cancer Center right here in Carroll is simply remarkable. Our family unfortunately knows firsthand the expenditures and fatigue that is incurred when having to travel a long distance to receive treatments. This campaign will be the most beneficial campaign we will see in our lifetime and for many generations to come,” Kyle J. Atkinson, President and Owner, Sharp Funeral Homes.

Building on nearly 30 years of cancer care, the new St. Anthony Cancer Center will bring the latest in cancer diagnostic and treatment technology under one roof, close to home for patients and families in west central Iowa.

Olsen, Muhlbauer & Co., LLP

Olsen, Muhlbauer, & Co

Pictured in the photo:
   Left to right: Barry Bruner, Tom Farner, Matt Greteman, Campaign Co-Chairs.
   Front Row: Bob Muhlbauer CPA – Partner, Shelly Schreck CPA, Richard Muhlbauer CPA – Partner, Stacy Andersen CPA, Jackie Pauk
   Back row: Trudy Wittmaack CPA – Partner, Tammy Bruch CPA – Partner, Joanne Schoessler CPA, Lizette Berger, Kyler Ludwig CPA
   Missing from photo: Karla Fulton, CPA - Retired Partner

Certified Public Accounting firm Olsen, Muhlbauer & Co., LLP, along with several of the firm’s partners, recently made a generous donation to the regional St. Anthony Cancer Center campaign. Their donation of over $28,000 will be applied to the ongoing campaign to raise $7 million of the estimated $16.5 million project cost.

“Cancer has touched everyone in some way, and we feel this Cancer Center project is so important for the entire area, now and into the future,” said Bob Muhlbauer, partner. “Carroll is our home and anything we can do to give back to the community that has given us so much is very important and therefore our support for this incredible project was an absolute must.”

Each year, more than 1,100 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the communities to be served by the regional cancer center. Providing quality cancer care close to home improves outcomes for patients while providing families, friends and employers the opportunity to participate in the healing process.


Carroll Rotary Club 

Carroll Rotary Club

“As a service organization, Carroll Rotary is here to support the community,” said Bob Fasbender. Carroll Rotary Club President. “We think this cancer center will help as many people as possible and we are proud to be a part of this cause that will touch so many in our area.”

Several members of the Carroll Rotary Club were on hand to pledge a $10,000 gift to the Cancer Center Campaign at the site of the future cancer center, just southeast of the hospital.

Front row, left to right: Ed Smith, President & CEO; Joel Swanson, Ron Eich, Rhonda Mart, Hubert Hagemann, Bob Fasbender, Bob Woodhouse, Rich Hartley, Deb Quandt and Trish Roberts, Development Director at St. Anthony.
Second Row: Ann Menzel, Phil Phillips, John Grundmeier, Nick Greteman, Adam Schweers, Aaron Juergens and Dr. David Martin

Commercial Savings Bank

Commercial Savings Bank

On September 12, Commercial Savings Bank presented their support of the St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center to campaign co-chairs and administration of St. Anthony with a pledge of $75,000. In addition, bank employees donated $300 to the project in exchange for wearing blue shirts this summer that said “Health, Healing, Hope”.

“Commercial Savings Bank is proud to be a part of this great community project,” said Ryan Milligan, President and CEO. “This is a project that we wish wasn’t needed, unfortunately we all know someone who has been touched by cancer and we feel it is significant to one’s healing to have care close to home. St. Anthony is a wonderful asset to our community and we are happy to be a contributor towards their mission.”

   Front Row – Commercial Savings Bank staff Cierah Ohl, Kevin Milligan, Ryan Milligan, Pat Moehn, Paul Milligan, and Craig Mertz
   Second Row – Campaign Co-Chair Tom Farner, Commercial Savings Bank Staff Steph Bauer, Kaitlyn Riesselman, Ali Eischeid, Paige Grossman, Shelly Madden, Carol Schwabe
   Back Row – Campaign Co-Chair Matt Greteman, Commercial Savings Bank staff Donna Irlbeck, Mary Brau, Marilyn Hoffman, Rosie Rivas, Beth Schechinger, Keri Bauer, Ingrid Long, Barbi Danner, Joyce Danner, St. Anthony Foundation Development Director Trish Roberts, Julie Schroeder, and St. Anthony President and CEO Ed Smith.
   Missing from the photo are Tom Laing, Lisa Mohr, Phyllis Riesenberg and Lisa Berning

Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative

Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative

Presenting the donation are RVEC Board President, Dave Onken and RVEC employees along with representatives from St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

   Front Row (L-R): Morgan Kramer, David Onken, Jim Gossett, St. Anthony President and CEO Ed Smith, Jill Hannasch and Brady Boell
   Middle Row (L-R): Mitch McKeever, Eugene Handlos, Terry Vauble, Campaign Co-Chair Barry Bruner, Jack Scanlan, St. Anthony Development Director Trish Roberts
Back Row (L-R): Brian Heun, Kevin Greving, Keith Greving, Ryan Galloway, Matt Schwarzkopf, Adam Wittrock, Chad Lankford

Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative (RVEC) is proud to support the St. Anthony Foundation with a $5,000 donation to the new cancer center. RVEC funds were matched equally by CoBank and Basin Electric Power Cooperative for a total gift of $15,000. The project will expand cancer services at St. Anthony in order to provide the highest quality cancer care close to home for west central Iowans.

“Everyone knows someone that has been affected by cancer,” RVEC CEO, Jim Gossett said. “RVEC is proud to contribute to a cancer center close to home so that people receiving treatment do not have to travel long distances for cancer treatment.”

Ragaller Drywall

Ragaller Drywall

St. Anthony extends a special thank you to Mark and Heather Ragaller of Ragaller Drywall who contributed $10,000 to help complete the new St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center. The new cancer center will offer patients big city amenities while avoiding the traffic of an urban area. Those facing cancer will be treated by doctors and nurses who are family, friends and neighbors.

“We've had family members and friends touched by cancer and we want to be a part of ensuring everyone can receive the best care locally,” Heather Ragaller said.

Mark and Heather are shown in front of the construction site recently presenting their support to Ed Smith, President and CEO, and Trish Roberts, Development Director.

Carroll Masons, Signet Lodge

Carroll Masons

St. Anthony extends a special thank you to our friends at the Signet Lodge #264 whose members contributed $1,000 to help see our new cancer center come to fruition.

Pictured receiving the check are Trish Roberts, Development Director and Ed Smith, President and CEO. Representing the Masonic Lodge are Jerry Jason and Joe Reed.