Satterwhite family remembers their daughter with generous toy donation.

Satterwhite family recently made a generous donation of new toys to children receiving care at St. Anthony in memory of their daughter, Hailey.

posted on 11/16/2018 in Features

The family of Hailey Satterwhite recently made a generous donation of new toys to children receiving care at St. Anthony. Hailey's Toys for Healing was started in memory of Hailey Satterwhite of Carroll, Iowa by her parents Chris and Jannelle, along with her little brother Connor. Hailey passed away on July 5, 2018 from dyskeratosis congenita at 10 years of age.

Since age 4, Hailey had been in and out of the hospital multiple times along with many, many clinic visits. She became such a pro at having her blood drawn, she would tell the lab tech which arm and vein looked the best that day. She was always very brave, but a toy or prize for a job well done - or simply to pass the time - always brought a smile to her face. With Hailey's Toys for Healing, her family hopes to make hospital and clinic visits a little easier for kids.

Satterwhite DonationAlong with Hailey's parents and brother, shown here receiving toys for children at St. Anthony are (from left) Brittany Boell, RN; Trish Roberts, Development Director, Amanda Grade, CNA; Trama Vetter, RN; Kelsey Wagner, LPN; Susan Teggatz, MD; Joanna Petersen, RN; Kayla McCarty, PTA; Dee Schoessler, RN; and Karen Koster, PT, DPT. On behalf of our Administration and Staff, we thank the Satterwhite family for sharing Hailey's Toys for Healing with our pediatric patients!


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