Infant Feeding Support Group in Carroll

The Birth Place at St. Anthony hosts weekly Infant Feeding Support Groups.

posted on 4/8/2019 in Features

New and expecting mothers, whether seeing a St. Anthony physician or another health care provider, are welcome to attend all St. Anthony support services and classes. During the infant feeding support group sessions, nurses weigh the babies; answer questions on breastfeeding, concerns about going back to work, and more; and mothers build comradery amongst other new mothers. No registration is required; there is no fee for this group; and mothers and newborns may come and go as their schedules allow.

The support groups are led by Alicia Dentlinger, St. Anthony Registered Nurse, who earned her lactation consultation certification through the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition. She has worked in The Birth Place, providing infant feeding support to new mothers for over five years.

“At St. Anthony, we take an individualized approach to feeding infants, whether that be straight breastfeeding, a combination of breastfeeding and supplemental feeding, bottle feeding – or anything in-between,” Dentlinger said. “It is our goal to help new mothers choose the feeding method that best fits their needs.” Read More Here.Infant Feeding

  • The Carroll meetings are every Tuesday from 10 am to 1pm (Come and Go) at St. Anthony Hospital meeting room #4. 

For questions regarding infant feeding or a St. Anthony support group, please contact The Birth Place at St. Anthony Regional Hospital at (712) 794-5260. 


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