Denison Girl Donates Play Dough to Children This Holiday Season

Children in St. Anthony Hospital will certainly enjoy this thoughtful donation.

posted on 12/27/2021 in Features

Two days before Christmas, Taryn Oxendale, 14 years old, of rural Denison, presented over 250 containers of play dough to be given to children coming to St. Anthony for care. Taryn undertook the task as part of her Catholic Confirmation service project. Each container has a picture Taryn drew of a cross with the word “Prayers”.

Taryn’s family and friends donated $162 to her project and her three little sisters helped her prepare them for delivery. The entire project, from beginning to end, only took her one week to complete. The containers will be distributed to children in the hospital overnight, coming into the Emergency Department, seeing a doctor in the clinic or receiving therapy in the Rehabilitation department.

Pictured below is Taryn’s delivery at St. Anthony as well as a photo of her at home prior to delivering the play dough.

TarynTaryn Oxendale


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