St. Anthony Regional Hospital Presents 2019 Service Awards

Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony Regional Hospital

Service Awards

posted on 1/27/2020 in Features

St. Anthony Regional Hospital employees were recognized for their years of service at an Employee Recognition Open House held on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony Regional Hospital

“It’s important that we take this time to celebrate the longevity of our team members and their dedication to St. Anthony,” said President and CEO Ed Smith.

“When you total the years of service from this year’s honorees alone, it’s a staggering 1,265 years these individuals have been providing high quality service for our patients and residents. We are humbled they have committed so much of their time and talent to St. Anthony. It is truly the lifeblood of our organization.”

The recognition awards and service pins were presented to the following individuals to honor them for their commitment to St. Anthony:

55 Year Service Awards: Verna Tiefenthaler, Clinics

40 Year Service Awards: Sylvia Sporrer, Emergency Room; Sherri Grothe, Lab; Julie Sibbel, Nursing Home; Beverly Nepple, Patient Registration; Deborah Collison, The Birth Place.

30 Year Service Awards: Margaret Glassburner, Education; Tamara Roetman, ER; Charlotte Bald, Food and Nutrition; Michele Schroeder, Laundry; Marguerite Nielsen, Nursing Home; Elaine Aden, Rehab Services; Jeff Aden, Rehab Services.

25 Year Service Awards: Trish Roberts, Foundation; Cheryl Mincer, Nursing Home; Alberta Meiners, Nursing Home Laundry; Paula Koehler, Radiation Oncology.

20 Year Service Awards: Dr. Dominick Ervelli, Clinics; Destiny Simons, Clinics; Susan Musfeldt, Environmental Services; Joel Pawletzki, Food and Nutrition; Darcy Dailey, Human Resources; James Schwaller, Radiology; Shelley Ahrens, Recovery Room; Kristi Pottebaum, Rehab Services; Cindy Klocke, Respiratory Therapy; Mary Mikkelsen, Surgery.

15 Year Service Awards: Brian Mims, Lab; Amber Schwarte, Radiology; Sharon Beeber, Nursing Home; Cheryl Onken, Clinics; Sr. Segolena Tarimo, Nursing Home; Lori Pietig, Radiology; Ashley Brincks, Clinics; Sara Knobbe, The Birth Place; Joseph Clark, Maintenance; Carol Venner, Patient Finance; Kimberly Whitaker, Patient Finance; Mandy Boeckman, Home Health.

10 Year Service Awards: Amy Ziegmann, Radiology; Belinda Boell, Same Day Surgery; Jade Gehling, Rehab Services; Adam Schaefer, Food and Nutrition; Mikala Landon, Mental Health; Heather Erps, Nursing Home; Wayne Johnson, IT; Chastity Badding, Food and Nutrition; Mollie Cmelik, Quality Management; Melanie Enenbach, Clinics; Barbara Toohey, Quality Management; Sheila Higgins, Specialty Clinics; Julie Shirbroun, Pharmacy; Timothy Schmitz, Maintenance; Nicole Schwering, Home Health.

5 Year Service Awards: Jack Olberding, Food and Nutrition; Tami Briedert, Nursing Home; Christopher Woerdehoff, Rehab Services; Nikole Hannasch, Radiology; Joshua Tigges, Maintenance; Maria Jones, Lab; Tasha Sellman, Nursing Home; Diane Baumhover, Same Day Surgery; Kristine Adcock, Lab; Danelle Mueggenberg, Quality Management; Susan Blanchard, Sterile Processing; Karen Nepple, Mental Health Clinic; Marcia Woerdehoff, Mental Health Clinic; Lisa Schelle, Food and Nutrition; Rebecca Bouquet, Home Health; Amanda Smouse, Med/Surg/Peds; Krista Heuton, Food and Nutrition; Dr. Susan Teggatz, Clinics; Annette Douglas, Environmental Services; Jenae Heller, Mental Health; Shauna Borkowski, Nursing Home; Sandi Cook, Quality Management; Mindi Rotert, Mental Health; Patti Daisy, Food and Nutrition; Shelley Diehl, Clinics; Christopher Olson, Food and Nutrition; Kelly Page, Mental Health; Jill Nulle, ER; Jennifer Jorgensen, ER; Terri Kramer, Nursing Home; Caitlin Cook, Med/Surg/Peds; Miranda Grote, Med/Surg/Peds; Stephanie Brincks, Med/Surg/Peds; Danielle Gray, Med/Surg/Peds.

Congratulations to all service award recipients and thank you for your years of service to St. Anthony!


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