Glidden Man Utilized Cardiac Rehab to Prepare for Surgery

Bob Van Horn of Glidden was diagnosed with carotid artery disease and inevitable surgery.

posted on 11/29/2018 in Features

Bob Van HornAt the age of 92, Bob Van Horn of Glidden was diagnosed with carotid artery disease. Prior to undergoing surgery at the Iowa Heart Center, his vascular surgeon, Moses Kim, M.D., took extra precaution to ensure Bob’s heart was strong enough to withstand surgery and avoid the potential risk of stroke. Dr. Kim enlisted support from the St. Anthony Cardiac Rehabilitation team to perform stress tests and monitor Bob’s heart and blood pressure. Over the course of five weeks, Bob visited Nurses Carol and Darlene in cardiac rehab three times a week.

“The nurses in the cardiac rehab department were very efficient and professional,” Bob said. “It gave me great comfort to know the team of health care professionals looking after me took every precaution to ensure my heart was stable enough to go through surgery. Cooperation amongst my primary care provider [Dr. Linda Iler], St. Anthony and Iowa Heart made the process go very smoothly. Just the fact that I was able to complete the preliminary exams in Carroll, just 15 minutes from my home, made the process of preparing for surgery easier.”

Bob underwent surgery for his carotid artery on July 5, 2018. He shares that the surgery was a success, and he healed with barely a scar. Today, Bob is able to continue to perform the farm chores he enjoys on the family’s farm.


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