Couple Chooses St. Anthony, Welcomes First Baby

Denison Couple Chooses St. Anthony for the Delivery of Their First Born

Claire Boettger

posted on 11/26/2018 in Features

Claire Marie Boettger entered the world at 8:15 a.m. on Monday, July 30th at St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll. She was welcomed by her parents, Neil and Juli Boettger of Denison. Claire was perfect at 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 and a half inches long. Overwhelmed with joy, Neil and Juli shared that the entire pregnancy and delivery process was outstanding, thanks in no small part to the care of Obstetrician Nelson Lo, M.D., of the St. Anthony Clinic in Carroll.

“From the beginning, I decided that I wanted to see an OB/GYN,” Juli said. “Several of my friends had great experiences with Dr. Lo, and I wanted the same type of care for the birth of my first child. Throughout the process, Dr. Lo and the nurses at St. Anthony were there for us – that’s a feeling you don't always find. When I lived in Des Moines, I didn’t feel a close connection with my medical providers. We knew this would be the biggest day of our lives, and we wanted it to be a good experience.”

The Boettgers are the third generation of farmers to live on Neil’s family farm just outside of Denison, where they have resided since they married in March 2017. Juli – who sees Julie Graeve, ARNP, MS and Kathy Berens-Brownmiller, PAC-C with the Crawford County Memorial Hospital for routine medical exams – travelled to her obstetric appointments to visit Dr. Lo in Carroll. The trip, though Juli admits was never a hassle, became easier in April 2018 when she took a job with Farm Credit Services of America in Carroll.

“I saw Dr. Lo at every appointment, and that was important to me. He and the nursing staff [Ashley Brincks and Destiny Simons] were thorough, patient, personable and available to answer my questions at all times,” Juli said. “Dr. Lo also has an ultrasound machine in his office, so he could check the progress of my pregnancy, which included identifying my placenta previa and the fact that Claire was breech.”

From there, a cesarean section was scheduled. Dr. Lo took extra precaution to ensure the c-section was necessary, even performing an ultrasound the day of to make certain the baby was in fact still breech. Juli shares that the c-section went perfectly, and she was reassured as Dr. Lo; Nurse Anesthetist Kevin Bohac, CRNA, who performed her spinal block; and nursing staff Lisa Reid and Morgan Neary made every effort to make her comfortable.

“In addition to our health and safety, the medical team at St. Anthony went the extra mile to provide comfort,” Juli said. “I became nauseous lying on my back, so the anesthetist provided anti-nausea medication. The operating room was kept cold for medical reasons, but the nurses made sure I had a warmed blanket. The entire team encouraged me and was by my side throughout the entire process.”

Neil was also by Juli’s side in the operating room for the delivery of their first child. This made for a smooth transition as Neil accompanied Claire out of the operating room, while they waited for Dr. Lo to close the incision. From there, Juli and Claire were reunited for Claire’s first feeding.

Shortly after her birth, Family Physician David Nystrom visited with the family and performed Claire’s first exam. The family continues to see Pediatrician Susan Teggatz, who Juli shares is open and helpful in answering their new parent questions, for Claire’s routine exams.

During her stay at the hospital, Juli was impressed by the attentiveness of the staff at St. Anthony, from Dr. Lo who checked her incision every day following the operation, to The Birth Place nurses, Lisa, Morgan, Deb Collison and Ginny Uhlenkamp, who kept her as comfortable and free of pain as possible. From start to finish, the Boettgers felt that the decision to deliver at St. Anthony was the right choice.

Boettger Family“Everything about the process was seamless with Dr. Lo,” Juli said. “From my initial visit and discussing trying to get pregnant to the delivery and post-op care, the process was smooth, and I felt quite comfortable. We had access to Dr. Lo throughout my pregnancy, and that combined with his reputation and the care I received at The Birth Place, made all the difference in this momentous life event. I cannot thank Dr. Lo and The Birth Place enough for making our time at the hospital special.”


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