Stop wishing and start reaching your heath goals!

A program is available to help you get healthy in 2022!

posted on 1/5/2022 in BLOGS from St. Anthony

Get Healthy!If the flip of the calendar has you hoping for a “new YOU”, join the lifestyle coaches at St. Anthony Regional Hospital Chronic Care Center as we share what steps YOU can do to achieve success! No more hoping, or wishing for it. How about doing something about it!?!?!

We guide participants to improved health through focus on a meal plan. The bonus is access to our center’s registered, licensed, dietitian for the whole year! You'll also increase your  physical activity and most importantly, allow the time for mindful habits to form with group support.

On Thursday, January 27th, 2022, we invite those who are interested to join us at the informational session, with three different meeting times offered. You will learn more about the yearlong lifestyle change program or what we call the “Diabetes Prevention Program”. This is an evidence based program that was started by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our center follows its curriculum. And please, don’t let the word “diabetes” scare you away! Our goal is to prevent or push off diabetes by instilling the new, healthy habits that you will acquire. 

Since program inception in September of 2017, 78 participants have been a part of/or are currently in the program with more than 780 pounds lost! Don’t just wish this was you!! Come to find out if this program is what you need to meet your health goals in 2022!

If interested please call St. Anthony Regional Hospital Chronic Care Center at 712-794-5901 today! Check out our flyer here!

Cara Vogl, ARNP, BC-ADM
Chronic Care Center Nurse Practitioner/Program Coordinator of Diabetes Services
(712) 794-5902


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