Birth Place Story Submissions

We believe that the experiences of mothers hold the power to inspire, empower, and reassure others who are about to embark on this incredible journey. Our cherished mothers haved shared their labor and delivery stories with us and hope they help you during your own journey.

From our Moms & Dads: 

“I love everything about The Birth Place!

With my first born, I was so nervous and scared because I didn't know what to expect, and the nursing staff was absolutely amazing! They were so kind and understanding and they did anything and everything they could to make sure I was comfortable. They will answer any questions you ask and will not make you feel silly for doing so.

With my second child, I was seriously so looking forward to, not only having my baby, but to spend time at The Birth Place again! The care was so amazing the first time, it was just so great getting to see some of the nurses I had the first time around, as well as meet some of the new faces that have joined the team!

They not only took great care of us the second time around (as expected), but they made sure to make my little Davie (my first born) feel right at home when she came to visit her new brother!

I truly believe this is THE BEST place to have your babies and cannot thank The Birth Place team enough!”

Jared & Kenzie

“I've given birth to both of my babies at The Birth Place, my daughter was born in February of 2021 and my son was born in September of 2023. Both experiences were absolutely amazing, I can't say enough good things about the entire staff. The nurses are outstanding, by the time we were discharged I felt as if I was leaving my new friends.

It was also so nice to see familiar faces from our daughter's birth when we went in to have our son. I was induced with both babies and truly have no complaints. Ginny was my nurse throughout my entire labor with my daughter and she was exceptional. She made me feel so calm and reassured, something I very much needed with my first baby. With my son, Kayla and Lisa were both so amazing as our nurses. Lisa greeted us the second we walked in the door and immediately made the experience so positive.

I would recommend The Birth Place to absolutely anyone!”


“I LOVED every second of my experience and time spent at The Birth Place. As a first time mom, every second of labor and delivery scared me. Wow was I WRONG. Everyone was welcoming, helpful, and so considerate, to not just me, but to my boyfriend as well.

Everything and everyone felt very warming and comforting. It did not feel like I was just at a hospital. It was such a loving environment to bring my baby into the world.

Everything was adjusted PERFECTLY to me. Everyone remained so IN TUNE to what I wanted. They catered to all of our needs and the questions we had. They were all so helpful every step of the way.

It didn't feel as if it was just their "job", we felt like we were their family. Everyone we met seemed to know us and treat us as if we were long friends. I enjoyed my first time experience so much and definitely missed it when we were gone.

Unfortunately, we had to bring our daughter back a day later for jaundice, and still everyone treated her like she was their own, seeming so fond of "her beauty and long eye lashes!"

We will for sure be back!”