Open House of Simulation Center September 18, 2018

Open House of Simulation Center September 18, 2018

posted on 9/12/2018 in Press Releases

St. Anthony Regional Hospital invites the public to experience first-hand the life-like patient simulators available during an Open House of the Education Center and Simulation Lab on Tuesday, September 18 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Education Center and Simulation Lab are located on the fourth floor of the St. Anthony Surgery Building. Parking is available in the second level of the garage.

The Open House event is offered in conjunction with the Healthcare Simulation Week, Sept. 17-21, sponsored by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

The St. Anthony Education Center recently upgraded with the addition of state-of-the-art, high fidelity patient simulation mannequins that provide students and healthcare professionals with realistic clinical training. Katie Towers, St. Anthony Education Services Director, encourages community members to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see simulation in action.

“Simulation is quickly changing the face of education in health care,” Towers said. “Today’s technology allows us to create realistic circumstances for learners to gain critical patient care skills and behaviors. We are excited to showcase the many ways our staff uses simulation to improve and apply their knowledge.”

During the Open House, demonstrations will include: high-fidelity simulation mannequins that can be programmed to react to medical situations in ways similar to human reactions; skilled trainers that teach and reinforce basic skills; and organized team response to the simulation of complex medical scenarios.

“Simulation training offers a safe environment for caregivers to make mistakes and learn from them, so they are prepared for real-world events,” said Nurse Educator Christina Woerdehoff, BSN RN, who leads the Simulation and Nurse Residency programs at St. Anthony. “Our staff have the opportunity to practice techniques in a controlled setting before entering the clinical environment. I think people would be amazed as to how closely we can simulate about any situation in a hospital. With the aid of technology through mannequins, virtual reality, moulage, or task training equipment, we can truly make a learner feel like they are in a patient care environment. We can assist all members of the health care team in their learning through simulation-based training - doctors, nurses, and technicians - both individually and through team training exercises.”

For more information about the Open House event, contact St. Anthony Education Services at (712) 794-5243 or email

The schedule of activities is included below and can also be found online at

Simulation Center Open House

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

9:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.

St. Anthony Education Center

Door Prizes & Refreshments

Scheduled Events

10 a.m. SimMan®3G Demonstration

Immerse yourself in a real patient care situation! SimMan3G, a state-of-the art high-fidelity adult mannequin, has recently been added to the St. Anthony simulation program. SimMan 3G is as close to human as you will see in health care simulation and can be programmed to any medical situation. Watch the mannequin breathe, bleed, blink, speak, sweat, seize, and so much more!

11 a.m. SimNewB® Scenario Demonstration

Every baby born at St. Anthony already has an advantage! Our staff members are trained using the latest and most advanced high-fidelity newborn mannequin available. Simulated birth and perinatal care are used to teach nurses and doctors critical skills, teamwork and decision-making, Watch what happens in a baby’s first critical 10 minutes of life!

12 p.m. eSimulation Demonstration

Gaming, which is fun and high-tech, is also the newest form of simulated learning. On their computer, learners take gaming to a serious level as they work through each stage of life-saving scenarios. Algorithms, sequencing, and decision-making are used to help learners gain the knowledge needed to perform in an emergent situation.

1 p.m. SimMan®3G Scenario Demonstration (repeated session)

2 p.m. SimNewB® Scenario Demonstration (repeated session)

3 p.m. Behavioral Simulation Demonstration

Being fully equipped in the workplace includes being prepared to respond to difficult situations. St. Anthony staff members are trained to implement safe, proven communication and control strategies to minimize unstable situations. Join the team for an exercise in crisis management.

Simulation Lab StaffPictured (left to right): St. Anthony Education Department Staff Peg Buman, Margie Glassburner, Katie Towers, Deb Burnett and Christina Woerdehoff