St. Anthony Regional Hospital Presents 2021 Service Awards

St. Anthony Regional Hospital employees were recently recognized for their years of service. Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

posted on 1/27/2023 in Press Releases

45 Year Service Awards: Ross Hein, Financial Accounting

40 Year Service Awards: Terry Butler, Lab; Peggy Klocke, Health Information; Jolene Riesselman, Health Information; Jean Uhlenkamp, Quality Management; Charlie Whalen, Rehab Services.

35 Year Service Awards: Lisa Kouri, Materials Management; Joan Saunders, Education.

30 Year Service Awards: Mary Brown, Surgery; Claudia Halbur, Infusion Therapy; Karen Leiting, Radiology; Shelly Loew, Pharmacy; Joanne Neppl, Patient Registration; Jayne Pietig, Same Day Surgery; Melissa Schultes, Social Services.

25 Year Service Awards: Dale Eischeid, Materials Management.

20 Year Service Awards: Sherri Allman, Quality Management; Tanya Danner, Surgery; Kim Eifler, Med/Surg/Peds; Mindi Mandernach, Radiology; Belinda Richards, CCU; Jaime Weitl, Rehab Services; Allen Willenborg, Maintenance.

15 Year Service Awards: Jessica Borkowski, Wall Lake Clinic; Sara Hocker, Infusion Therapy; Lisa Jenkins, Nursing Home; Alison King, The Birth Place; Karen Koster, Rehab Services; Wendy Nelson, The Birth Place; Stephanie Neumayer, Education; Jill Rath, Carroll Clinic; Stephanie Riedell, Mental Health Services; Matt Scheuermann, Maintenance; Debra St. Peter, Nursing Home; Jacqueline Strabley, Nursing Home; Jessie Venner, Food & Nutrition; Tanya Wurzer, Nursing Home.

10 Year Service Awards: Amy Bernholtz, Patient Registration; Nancy Bielenberg, Quality Management; Jennifer Ellingson, Same Day Surgery; Erin Monthei, Pharmacy; Shelby Neubauer, Surgery; Toby Steckler, Lab; Tammie Wetzel, Nursing Home.

5 Year Service Awards: Toni Aschinger, Mental Health Services; Carolina Assenga, Nursing Home; Morgan Axman, The Birth Place; Joan Berg, Orthopedic Clinic; Marchelle England, Mental Health Services; Karla Flattery, Patient Registration; Alex Fletcher, Rehab Services; Billie Furrer, Surgery; Nicole Hayworth, Anesthesia; Audrey Henkenius, Rehab Services; Corynn Irlbeck, Radiology; Cindy Janning, Carroll Clinic; Susan Kanne, Wound Care; Nicole Kathol, Lab; Colleen Kenyon, Health Information; Nicole Klocke, Pharmacy; Chad Lawson, Information Technology; Macy Ludwig, The Birth Place; Angelo Luis, Pastoral Care; Maria Mawien, Environmental Services; Kayla McCarty, Rehab Services; Beatriz Prado Jimenez, Denison Clinic; Melissa Promes, Patient Finance; Ashley Roder, Pharmacy; Cara Rosener, Med/Surg/Peds; Jennifer Schmitz, Emergency Department; DeRae Schroeder, Denison Clinic; Danielle Schulte, Med/Surg/Peds; Deanne Sievers, Nursing Home; Amy Snyder, NH Environmental Services; Dr. Charles Svensson, Carroll Clinic; Jennifer Thelen, Radiology; Anah Torkelson, Med/Surg/Peds; Susan Trecker, Environmental Services; Onica Ulveling, Pharmacy; Blanca Urassa, Nursing Home; Jolene Walker, Radiology; Richard Walker, Maintenance/Grounds; Shanna Warnke, Environmental Services; Christina Woerdehoff, Education; Jamie Wuebker, Emergency Department.