St. Anthony Regional Hospital employees were recognized for their years of service this week. Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

posted on 3/25/2022 in Press Releases

The recognition awards and service pins were presented to the following individuals to honor them for their commitment to St. Anthony: 

45 Year Service Awards: Denise Muhlbauer, Carroll Clinic; Linda Bauer, Laboratory.

40 Year Service Awards: Jane Hackfort, Infusion Therapy; Katie Towers, Education; Cindy Seuntjens, Denison Clinic; Cheri Theulen, Cancer Center; Donna Hartl, Nursing Home.

35 Year Service Awards: Sandy Cayler, Mental Health Clinic.

30 Year Service Awards: Julie Schrader, Dialysis; Carol Snyder, Wound Care.

25 Year Service Awards: Melanie Bauer, Same-Day Surgery; Shawna Bradley, Nursing Home; Cindy Horvatich, Patient Registration; Amy Halbur, Surgery.

20 Year Service Awards: Cal Tigges, IT; Steve Schable, Rehab Services; Luanne Kustra, Nursing Home; Diane Willenborg, Environmental Services; Kevin Bohac, Anesthesia; Sheryl Zimmerman, Cancer Center; Stacey Kasperbauer, Critical Care Unit.

15 Year Service Awards: Susan Kock, Emergency Department; Wendy Baker, Emergency Department; Daniel Becker, ED; Shirley Heithoff, Environmental Services; Mollie Lappe, Orthopedic Clinic; Lisa Goodwin, Nursing Home; Lane Pudenz, Home Health; Eva Patterson, Emergency Department; Leah Vogl, Lab; Kimberly Barnard, Orthopedics; Lisa Hartwigsen, Emergency Department; Paul Ludwig, Maintenance; Sheryl Vonnahme, Environmental Services; Catherine Wernimont, Food & Nutrition; Sandy Williams, Med/Surg/Peds; Sara Roth, Emergency Department/Critical Care Unit.

10 Year Service Awards: Kaitlin Geake, Emergency Department; Ashley Kasperbauer, Nursing Home; Tiffany Wiese, Pharmacy; Leah Lechtenberg, Rehab Services; Christine Poland, Central Dist.; Staci Hansen, Health Information; Ali Bauer, Administration; Doris Wurr, Nursing Home; John Munson, Administration; Christy Sturm, Environmental Services; Kathleen Macke, Health Information; Susan Stone, Specialty Clinic; Joann McNutt, Environmental Services; Kenzie Rupiper, The Birth Place; Randy Mahnke, Sterile Services; Renee Hackfort, Nuclear Medicine.; Marcia Schaefer, Home Health; Amy Weisenborn, Surgery; Lisa Stoelk, Financial Accounting.

5 Year Service Awards: Joseph Stipe, Laboratory; Emily Beardmore, Human Resources; Sarah Riesberg, Surgery; Jennifer Schneider, Med/Surg/Peds; Chelsi Gibson, Lab; Tracy Venteicher, Food & Nutrition; Stephanie Drake, Dialysis; Jennifer Carstens, Surgery; Jordan Blackwill, Anesthesia; April Tigges, Quality Management; Bonnie Jensen, Lab; Kimberly Kraus, Med/Surg/Peds; Lori Snyder, Mental Health Clinic; Lorena Velazquez-Smith, Environmental Services; Dr. Randal Hess, Radiation Oncology; Courtney Sibbel, Infusion Therapy; Marcella Patton, Nursing Home; Paula Lambertz, Administration; Cara Vogl, Chronic Care; Jazmin Cruz, Nursing Home; Amber Armstrong, Mental Health Clinic; Valerie Fineran, Surgery; Corey Mehlhaff, Anesthesia; Ronda Nepper, Nursing Home; Dustin Kanealy, Materials Management; Amanda Grade, Med/Surg/Peds; Shannon Anschutz, Home Health; Katherine Decker, Radiation Oncology; Ruth Reeves, Behavioral Medicine Unit; Lindsy Pudenz, Med/Surg/Peds.

Service Awards