St. Anthony Names 2022 Hospice Volunteer of the Year

The annual St. Anthony Hospice Volunteer Appreciation dinner was held on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 to recognize the many contributions of its volunteers.

posted on 4/19/2023 in Press Releases

“Dip Dip Hooray” was the theme for the event which celebrated the 13 hospice volunteers who offer support and companionship to patients and families of patients who are facing serious and life-limiting illnesses. Volunteers graciously share their time and hearts, serving patients by reading to them, praying with them, and sitting by their bedsides. Hospice volunteers also assist in the office, help with fundraising events, and help raise awareness of hospice and the rewarding experience of volunteering.

A dinner of “dips” were served by Nicole Schwering, Home Health & Hospice Director, and Whitney Hinners, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. Along with dinner, each volunteer received a gift and personal thank you and appreciation for all the volunteers do.

“Our volunteers are important to our hospice team,” said Hinners. “Without them, we could not provide the services which are so important to enhancing the quality of the lives of our patients and their families.”

In 2022, 13 volunteers served 6 patients and their families. They offered patients companionship, socialization, and respite care for a total of 121.5 hours, down from the following year due to hopefully the last little kick of the pandemic. Volunteers traveled 400 miles to benefit community members and spent approximately 20 hours helping at the fundraising event: the Tree of Love ornament sales and service. The Carroll Rotary/St. Anthony Regional Hospice Softball Tournament was not held in 2022 due to repairs being done.

JoAnn Brincks was named the Volunteer of the Year. JoAnn served 33.25 hours in 2022. She stayed with patients offering respite care and direct patient companionship to multiple hospice patients. JoAnn also helped with the Tree of Love ceremony by reading names and greeting people.

Volunteer of the Year

Pictured to the left, Whitney Hinners, St. Anthony Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. To the right, JoAnn Brincks, 2022 St. Anthony Hospice Volunteer of the Year. “JoAnn has been flexible, engaged, committed and has offered a listening ear and encouragement as she communicates with the patients and families she has served,” Hinners said. “JoAnn is always one to respond when someone is in need, she is truly meant for this.”

“Doing hospice has been one of the most rewarding things I have done,” said Brincks. “God is good, and I never feel tired even after long hours. Some jobs have been more of a challenge but still so rewarding. When I chose nursing to be my career it was the right choice. I was made to care for people to support them in time of need.”