Recognizing St. Anthony Human Resources Department

From recruiting and developing talent, ensuring the health of all employees to managing employee benefits, resources and pay. At St. Anthony, we appreciate the hard work and dedication our Human Resources professionals bring to their roles.

posted on 9/26/2023 in Press Releases

Amy Osborne, HR Administrative/Payroll Assistant. As you enter the Human Resources Department, Amy is the first person to greet you! Amy always has a smile and a warm welcome for all. She loves working at St. Anthony and with the HR team. She says, "I work for an organization that not only leads the way in patient care but also in staff care."

Kristin Vonnahme, Payroll Coordinator. Kristin's main role is to process payroll for over 700 employees on a bi-weekly basis; however, there are many different tasks that go along with payroll and HR departmental needs. Additionally, she processes the W-2’s and 1095’s along with all year-end reports. Outside of processing the payroll, Kristin meets with new hires, learns more about payroll processes and changes, assists with HR events and daily needs. Kristin serves on the Wellness@Work committee, Merchant Committee and the R3 Committee. Payroll makes a big difference in the organization as it pays our employees for their hard and much-appreciated work!

Alicia Perry, H.R. Coordinator & Volunteer Support. Alicia helps employees, volunteers and applicants get connected to the right resources and find the answers they need. ‘Helping’ can look like organizing the visa process for an employee coming from outside of the US, training and connecting a volunteer into an area of service, running reports for our managers to have the data they need, or planning and promoting the events and activities that recognize our staff and support our community.

Kari Hammer, RN, BSN, Employee Health. Before stepping into her current role in 2019, Kari has worked in the Emergency Department and Surgery. Kari onboards new employees, tracks vaccinations, annual fit testing, exposure follow-ups, track employee illnesses. Kari ensures that our staff are healthy which protects our patients and coworkers from any communicable infections, and vice versa. She is an instructor for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Kari gets to meet every employee at St. Anthony. Kari says, "Every person brings a special talent to this organization. Our community is very fortunate to have all of the services that SARH offers, and I am proud to be a small part of that."

Connie Janning, Human Resources Recruiter. Connie coordinates the human resource functions including recruitment, orientation, tuition assistance, and employee relations. She also serves as a resource for staff and visitors. Connie says, "I’m proud to work at St. Anthony because of all the amazing people I get to hire and work with every day! Our employees are so compassionate and truly care about helping others."

Emily Erickson, Benefits Coordinator. Emily is responsible for employee benefits, workers compensation and leaves of absence. She assists employees through many life events during their course of employment with St. Anthony. Emily's role at St. Anthony is to ensure employees have a good understanding of the benefits that we offer and act as a resource for them.

Brook Mikkelsen, Director of Human Resources. Brook oversees and supports all areas of the Human Resources department. She plans, leads, directs, develops and coordinates policies, processes, and initiatives to support the organization’s human resource compliance and strategy needs. She ensures legal compliance and implementation of the organization’s mission and focuses on workforce development. Brook is a resource and support for her team, leaders, and all employees at St. Anthony. Brook says, "It is so rewarding to be a part of a culture that thrives on faith and has a passion to care for patients/residents/tenants when they are at their most vulnerable state or during their happiest moments when welcoming a new child. Although I am not the one providing that care directly to our patients/residents/tenants, I indirectly play a part in the success of our organization by being a part of the employee support system. When employees feel valued, supported, and successful, our patient care thrives. When our patient care thrives, we are all making a difference in the lives of others."


Pictured from bottom row, left: Alicia Perry, HR Coordinator & Volunteer Support; Brook Mikkelsen, Director of HR; Kristin Vonnahme, Payroll Coordinator

Back row, left: Kari Hammer, Employee Health; Connie Janning, Recruiter; Amy Osborne, Admin & Payroll Assistant; and Emily Erickson, Benefits Coordinator