Diabetes Prevention Program: Patient Testimonial

The St. Anthony Diabetes Prevention Program is a yearlong, lifestyle change program to prevent type 2 diabetes. The focus of the program is on behavioral modification of meal plans, physical activity, and emotional awareness.

posted on 2/20/2024 in Press Releases

The St. Anthony Diabetes Prevention Program is a week away from the Discovery Session! If you or a loved one would like to learn more, please join one of the FREE sessions on Monday, March 4 at 12 PM or 4 PM. This session will be held in the St. Anthony Surgery Building on the 4th floor in the St. Clare meeting room.

"I was first referred to the St. Anthony Chronic Care Center in July of 2022 after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes by my primary care physician. Beginning in August of 2022 I started meeting with the Chronic Care Center team regularly to discuss my eating habits, activity levels, and overall health goals, both during and post-pregnancy. They also taught me how to manage my Gestational Diabetes through blood sugar testing and monitoring my diet. Throughout the whole process the team was kind, supportive, and understanding, helping alleviate any anxiety I had about my diagnosis and how that could impact my pregnancy.

After my son was born I was given the opportunity to participate in the Diabetes Prevention Program due to my increased risk of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. With a family history of Type 1 Diabetes and my previous diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, I knew it would be beneficial for me to participate in the program. While I have always been interested in establishing healthy lifestyle habits, I was never sure where to begin. Through the Diabetes Prevention Program I've learned valuable nutritional and exercise information, as well as had the opportunity to meet other people with similar health goals. During this class, the Chronic Care Center team has continued to offer support, guidance, and accountability to help me reach my healthcare goals. I would recommend the St. Anthony Chronic Care Center to anyone looking to make long-term lifestyle changes to improve their health."

- Lisa T., Carroll, Iowa