COVID-19 Vaccination Panel Discussion

A joint educational discussion about the COVID-19 vaccinations will be shared on Thursday, May 6th featuring physicians from McFarland Clinic and St. Anthony Clinic, in conjunction with staff from Carroll County Public Health.

posted on 4/29/2021 in Press Releases

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kyle Ulveling of St. Anthony Regional Hospital will moderate the discussion. The panel will include Dr. John Evans of McFarland Clinic-Carroll, along with Nicole Schwering, RN, and Sara Schulte, RN, of Carroll County Public Health.

Topics for discussion will include current statistics, safety concerns, herd immunity, and shared goals for the future.

In addition, the panel will visit with two COVID-19 patients who continue to experience symptoms long after their acute infections.

The discussion will be shared via radio, newspaper, websites, and various social media on May 6th beginning with a report by Dr. Ulveling. This will be followed by the question and answer session with the panel. The public is invited to submit questions prior to May 4th by sending them to

May 6, Vaccine discussionThe discussion will be available for viewing after May 6th.