Area High School Students Receive a Hands-On Introduction to Healthcare

St. Anthony Regional Hospital offers opportunities for area high school students to get an introduction to healthcare through simulation.

posted on 11/15/2022 in Press Releases

Recently, over 100 students from area high schools including Carroll High, Kuemper Catholic, Coon Rapids-Bayard, Glidden-Ralston, Audubon, and East Sac with an interest in healthcare careers attended St. Anthony Learn and Experience events. These events gave students an inside look at healthcare careers through a simulated scenario, hands-on opportunities with equipment and processes, and insight from healthcare professionals.

“Featured as part of the event was a simulation of an emergency trauma scenario, where the healthcare team worked together to assess, respond, and provide life-saving care to the manikin patient,” said Katie Towers, Director of Education Services at St. Anthony. “In addition, students were able to try their hand at intubation, neonatal care, and giving quality CPR, all through the use of simulation equipment.”

St. Anthony also partnered with DMACC for their Career Discovery Day providing high school freshmen and sophomores with a similar experience. Students toured the St. Anthony lab, radiology department, and rehab services, and also watched a healthcare team respond to a simulated emergency scenario. As part of DMACC’s event, students with interests in the fields of communications and IT were also able to learn about their field of interest in the context of a healthcare setting, by hearing from representatives from their field and taking a guided tour of the hospital.

“The focus of these simulation events is to provide an opportunity for high school students to learn and get excited about careers in healthcare,” said Katie Towers. “Often in healthcare, opportunities for career exploration through job shadowing and observation are limited due to privacy and infection prevention concerns. However, simulation provides a safe and realistic way for students to learn about, see, and engage with healthcare careers.”

Students interested in getting additional hands-on experience in healthcare should consider applying for the St. Anthony Summer Intern Program. Opportunities are available in clinical care, communications, finance, and IT. The application to apply will be available on the St. Anthony “Join Our Team” website tab in the spring. Through the St. Anthony website, students can also request career exploration experiences, to meet with professionals in the field for an informational interview and take a department-based tour.