Maggie Haberl Makes 4th Donation

Age 7, Donates Books to St. Anthony

posted on 6/18/2018 in Features

Maggie Haberl with Family

Maggie Haberl, daughter of Ann and Greg Haberl, donated 50 books to St. Anthony Birthplace on Wednesday, June 13th, each labeled “Maggie Makes you feel better with books.” This is the fourth time that Maggie has delivered books to be given to children at St. Anthony. She began this project when she was four years old. Maggie is now seven years old and will be in the second grade at Kuemper Catholic Elementary School this fall. 

For this donation of books, Maggie chose The St. Anthony Birth Place. She selected books that could be given to newborns and their siblings. Maggie is shown with the Soyer family: mom Mallory, dad Jason, sister Allison, and newborn daughter Rylie.

Maggie works with Erin Lenz and Usborne Books to organize book sales and through the last four years has donated nearly 400 books for children at St. Anthony.