2020 Employee Service Awards Announced

St. Anthony Regional Hospital employees were recently recognized for their years of service. Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony Regional Hospital. The recognition awards and service pins were presented to the following individuals to honor them for their commitment to St. Anthony:

posted on 2/18/2021 in Features

40 Year Service Awards: Jean Boeckman, Breda Clinic; Darlene Rueter, Cardiac Rehab; Susan Weitl, ER; Deb Owen, Health Information; Cathy Tigges, Post-Anesthesia Room

30 Year Service Awards: Donna Erps, Food and Nutrition; Mary Meiners, Health Information; Ann Sweeney, Lab; Pam Wiese, Laundry; Joyce McCurdy, Med/Surg/Peds; Renee G. Brincks, Same Day Surgery; Cindy Erickson, Surgery

25 Year Service Awards: Michele Rothe, Denison Clinic; Cynthia Hogan, Food and Nutrition; Donna Arp, Health Information; Joyce Masching, Lab; Dale Musfeldt, Maintenance; Diana Wiese, Manning Clinic; Kelly Lee, Med/Surg/Peds; Gail Dentlinger, Nursing Home Environmental Services; Carlyss Heuton, Rehab Services; Chris Valentine, Social Services

20 Year Service Awards: M. Joette Peters, Admissions; Julie Pietig, Medical Oncology; Sister Anila Edakkamcheril, Nursing Home; Sister Jovitha Mtenga, Nursing Home; Lisa Reid, OB; Chris Langenfeld, Orchard View

15 Year Service Awards: Ana Garcia Pantino, Denison Clinic; Lynn Riesenberg, Dialysis; Sheila Dentlinger, Food and Nutrition; Mary Vivyan, Health Information; Travis Petersen, IT; Christina Dungan, Lab; Michele Haupert, Lab; Lermes Johnson, Med/Surg/Peds; Sister Eleonora Shirima, Nursing Home; Paula McCrea, Patient Services; Barry Kohnke, Pharmacy; Lisa M. Stoelk, Post-Anesthesia Room; Leisha Grindle, Radiology; Holly Venteicher, Radiation Oncology; Tami Onken, Same Day Surgery; Krista Myrtue, Surgery

10 Year Service Awards: Kellie Brenny, Carroll Clinic; Stefani Yetmar, Medical Oncology; Connie Curnyn, Denison Clinic; Karli DeMoss, Food and Nutrition; Stephanie Funk-Horbach, Health Information; Elizabeth Augustus, Home Health; Maria Ortiz, Environmental Services; Melissa Haman, Lab; Michelle Kroeger, Manning Clinic; Mitchell Hoffmann, Material Management; Roberta Enger, Nursing Home; Renee Grimsman, Nursing Home; Rachel Odendahl, Nursing Home; Connie Riesselman, Nursing Home; Sister Ruby Vattamattathil, Nursing Home; Amber Nieland, Radiology; Barbara Fitzsimmons, Rehab Services; Ashely Hugeback, Rehab Services; Brenda Schmitt, Wall Lake Clinic

5 Year Service Awards: Matt Earl, Anesthesia; Ali Pudenz, Carroll Clinic; Ashleigh Wiederin, Carroll Clinic; Tyler Loew, Central Distributing; Kathryn Nelson, Medical Oncology; Deb Adams, Chronic Care; Carly Tonsfeldt, Food and Nutrition; Jessica Fuchs, Garden View; Nancy Opperman, Health Information; Sara Summers, Environmental Services; Marlene Tiefenthaler, Environmental Services; Travis Tonsfeldt, IT; Amy Fletcher, Lab; Joe Daniels, Maintenance; Megan Reischl, Manning Clinic; Brittany Boell, Med/Surg/Peds; Leah Daniel, Med/Surg/Peds; Heather Bauer, Nursing Home; Angela Downey, Nursing Home; Susan Kaltved, Nursing Home; Kendra Peter, Nursing Home; Samantha Simmons, Nursing Home; Deana Slater, Nursing Home; Madison Sturm, Nursing Home; Tiffany Theulen, Nursing Home; Sister Santhy Thyil, Nursing Home; Tanya Wanser, Nursing Home; Hannah Heiman, Patient Accounting; Barbara Hocket, Patient Accounting; Kari Hammer, Patient Services, Toni King, Public Health; Sara Schulte, Public Health; Miranda Sliefert, Public Health; Jackie Mancini, Quality Assurance; Stephanie Drees, Radiology; Kelli Reis, Rehab Services; Katie Smith, Rehab Services; Melinda Turner, Sterile Processing