CuddleCot Donated and Dedicated in Ceremony at St. Anthony

Many families experience the loss of their baby each year. It is a traumatic time for parents – a time when support is crucial.

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CuddleCotNearly two years ago, Dr. Jenna Anthofer, a local chiropractor, recognized a need in the Carroll community and started an initiative to donate a CuddleCot to St. Anthony Regional Hospital. On Wednesday, August 4th, the CuddleCot was dedicated in a small ceremony at the hospital which included obstetrics department staff, Father Timothy Schott, Spiritual Care director Chaplain Angelo Luis as well as Dr. Anthofer.

A CuddleCot is a water-cooled bassinet that allows mothers and other loved ones to spend more time with their premature or stillborn babies who are lost shortly after birth. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Jenna Anthofer, D.C. and a grant from Madison’s Miracles, as well as other donors, The Birth Place at St. Anthony will now have this device available for expectant parents.

Dr. Anthofer shared that while many of her family members had endured the loss of unborn children, it was one of her patients that made her think about the need in the Carroll area. The patient wished she had been able to spend more time with her baby before saying goodbye and leaving the hospital.

“What the CuddleCot can do is give grieving parents more time to say goodbye,” said Dr. Anthofer. “This device slows down the tick of the clock and my hope is that they find some closure. They have time to grieve on their own terms.”

Many families experience the loss of their baby each year. It is a traumatic time for parents – a time when support is crucial. The CuddleCot enables families to care for their baby longer, keeping them close as they create memories to cherish before saying their final goodbye when they leave the hospital without their baby.

Following a prayer by Chaplain Angelo Luis, Spiritual Care Director, Father Timothy Schott blessed the CuddleCot.

“Bless this CuddleCot. Bless this hospital and all those who work here,” said Father Timothy Schott. “Let it be a place of healing. A place of comfort for those in pain. Bless the sick who come here. Bless all who work here.”

“We are grateful to Dr. Anthofer, the donors, and Madison’s Miracles,” said St. Anthony Birth Place Director, Ginny Uhlenkamp, RN. “It’s a small gesture that we can now offer the CuddleCot to heartbroken parents. The gift of time is invaluable.”

Madison’s Miracles is a non-profit organization that provides support and resources to grieving parents who have experienced stillbirth, pregnancy or infant loss. For more information about Madison’s Miracles, visit

Blessing by Father Timothy Schott

Fr. Schott

Dr. Jenna Anthofer and Family

Dr. Jenna and Family


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