Let's Get Biking!

Let's all get moving this summer!

posted on 5/31/2022 in BLOGS from St. Anthony

Let's Get Biking!

BikeStill trying to find a workout that isn’t ‘hard work’? Or makes you feel like a kid again? How about biking? Below are some safety tips, ideas, and benefits for putting the “FUN” back into physical activity with biking.

  • Essential equipment to make your activity safe includes a bike and a helmet that correctly fits your head.
  • Know your route: is it a car-free area? Follow the rules of the road if not in a car-free area.
  • Consider borrowing a bike from a friend or neighbor to try before you buy. 
  • Ease into your biking activity, starting with 10 minutes a few days of the week, working up to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity each week or more.
  • Biking puts less stress on your joints than some other common activities such as running and walking.
  • Pending intensity and speed, biking can potentially burn 200-500 calories or more for 30 minutes.
  • Invite a family member or friend to join you, biking can be a great way to site see and get social! Try the Sauk Rail Trail, a 33-mile asphalt multi-use recreational trail spanning across parts of Carroll and Sac County. 
  • Biking what a great way to enjoy the outdoors. If you aren’t able to bike outdoors due to the weather or other circumstances, consider indoor cycling on a stationary or recumbent bike. There are many options at local gyms.

Let’s all get moving this summer!

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