St. Anthony Golf Classic

25th ANNUAL: Monday, June 26, 2023, Carroll Country Club, 12:00 shotgun start

St. Anthony Golf Classic

Tournament Rules

Scramble Format

Each team member may place the ball within one club length of the selected shot, but no nearer the hole.

There is a maximum of two putts per hole.


The GIMME may be used on any hole (except a designated hole-in-one) once you have reached the green. You must determine if you are going to use the GIMME prior to putting. Once you have decided to use your GIMME, pick up your ball and move on to the next hole. Mark your score for that hole, including the GIMME shot. Example: On the green in 1 plus the GIMME, score is 2. 

Grenade Throw

The Grenade shot may be used on any hole (except a designated hole-in-one). If your approach shot lands near the green or in the sand, the team can pick up the ball and throw it towards the flag at no penalty. Mark  your score for that hole, not including the Grenade shot. You cannot use the Grenade shot to be eligible for a hole prize (closest to the pin, etc).

Hole-In-One Rules

Every registered golfer is eligible to win. Drive must be made from designated tee blocks. Witnesses are provided at each hole-in-one location.


Will be determined after completion of 18 holes. Turn in your scorecard at the end of play.