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The Pulse

 Employee Appreciation Day - Thank you for ALL you do. Every one of you makes a difference. St. Anthony is lucky to have you.


logoWe Are One St. Anthony - Accountability

Being accountable gives us control over our lives, helps us learn from our mistakes and prevents us from getting stuck in the past. When you feel accountable for the results of your actions, you are more empowered to make a difference for yourself and others. Below is the Accountability Ladder. The higher up, the more power you have over your accountability. Lower is the opposite. 


 Daisy Award Winner - Roberta Enger!

DAISYRoberta Enger, LPN was presented with the DAISY Award forRoberta Extraordinary Nurses at a reception with her family and co-workers on February 13. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation's program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform daily.

A portion of the nomination submission read: 

"Every time we visited my father in the St. Anthony Nursing Home, Roberta greeted us with a big smile, good humor and a nice update on his condition. My father never failed to speak highly of Roberta and enjoyed their friendship immensely. If Dad were here today, he would write this nomination for Roberta.

Later on, I ran into Roberta at the St. Anthony Clinic in Carroll, and she was the same vital, caring person in a different setting. Roberta has been a profound experience in the life of my father and entire family. St. Anthony is blessed to have her and others like her. They truly look to the cross for inspiration that marks their compassionate care."

Thank you, Roberta, for going above and beyond for patients, families, and our community! 

Honoring Peggy White 

June 9, 1953 - February 24, 2024

Peggy’s obituary states, “A great pleasure in her life was serving on the St. Anthony HospitalPeggy Board of Directors (2013-present), St. Anthony Foundation (2014-present) and becoming a founding member of the St. Anthony Ministries as a juridic person in 2018. Embracing Franciscan spirituality and governing with that as a directive gave her tremendous pride in St. Anthony Hospital and the people that work there.”

To read Peggy’s obituary click here.

Peggy’s dedication to St. Anthony was unwavering, and we will cherish her memory.

Treasuring Talent: Brooke Bass

Treasuring Talent is a voluntary program established by the R3 Committee where individual employees are highlighted from our staff. The program is a way for our hospital, surrounding clinics & community to get to know and appreciate the incredible team of people serving at St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

Love your job at St. Anthony? Submit an entry to the R3 Committee to be featured!




Meet your new co-workers who joined us this past month. 

  • Spencer,  Food & Nutrition
  • Claire, CCU
  • Madison, Mental Health Services
  • Geordette, Lab
  • Jocelyn, Garden View.

 Our condolences for your loss this past monthCondolences

  • Chris Josko, Rehab, for the loss of his grandmother.

St. Anthony Diabetes Prevention Program: Discovery Session

Sign up now by calling the Chronic Care Center at ext. 5903.


Mark your calendar for the 3rd Annual Mental Health Matters 5K Run/Walk!

Registration will begin soon for the 3rd annual St. Anthony Mental Health Matters 5K Run/Walk. The event is Saturday, May 4 and will be held at the Carroll Middle School. More information to come soon.


WAWWellness@Work is officially hospital-wide! No dues are required. 

Biggest Loser Challenge 2024 ends April 1.

Join the St. Anthony Wellness @ Work Facebook group! Search: Wellness@Work to join.

7 simple tips to give your body real TLC on vacation:

  1. Quench your thirst. When we’re out of our normal routines, we tend to rely on caffeine to keep us going so we don’t miss a beat. Be sure you’re drinking plenty of water while on vacation, as caffeine (as well as alcohol) can dehydrate you. 
  2. Let yourself unplug. It may feel a bit foreign not to check your email every hour, but give yourself a real mental break from work and technology. Remember to set your out-of-office replies before leaving and even turn off notifications from social media.
  3. Turn off alarms. Vacations are a great time to catch up on some z’s, especially considering that most of us function day-to-day with a “sleep debt.” Allow yourself to get 7-9 hours of rest so you can wake up feeling ready for your next adventure. Pro tip: A room temperature between 60 and 67 degrees is optimal for sleep. 
  4. Find activities to enjoy. Maybe you don’t visit the hotel gym while on vacation. No sweat! Rather, find fun activities that involve movement, such as swimming, biking while sightseeing, or strolling on the beach. You’ll be amazed at how fun and rejuvenating physical activity can be!
  5. Save your skin. If you’re taking a reprieve from the winter weather by vacationing somewhere sunny, protect yourself from skin cancer (the most preventable type of cancer). Apply sunscreen correctly to get its full effect, and wear long clothing and sunglasses. And remember that even on cloudy days, there are UV rays!
  6. Pack healthy snacks. Meals and meal times can be very unpredictable while on vacation. Plan for those late brunches, lunches and dinners by packing some healthy snacks to have around. I love non-perishable items like fruit and nut bars, unsalted nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, and turkey jerky.
  7. Protect your time. While it’s tempting to pack your vacation schedule full of activities, it might add a lot of unnecessary stress. Be realistic about the time you have, and prioritize the things you want to do most. If you end up with extra time, you can always tackle one of those other agenda items or simply be still.

St. Anthony Foundation News: ScholarshipsScholarship

2024 Scholarship applications are available through the St. Anthony Foundation and are due April 1, 2024. Only one application is needed to qualify for all the scholarships offered through St. Anthony. A fillable PDF application is available through email or online HERE.

Completed applications must be received by Monday, April 1, 2024. If you have any questions, email or call the Foundation office at x5287.

Stephanie Neumayer, Great Iowa Nurse - Reception March 14

GINCongratulations to Stephanie Neumayer RN, BSN, MedSurg-BC, PED-BC for being named a 2024 Great Iowa Nurse!

Join us in celebrating Stephanie at a come-and-go reception on Thursday, March 14 from 3 - 4:30 PM in the Surgery Center breakout area.


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