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 Service Awards

St. Anthony employees were recently recognized for their years of service. Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony. The recognition awards and service pins were presented to the following individuals to honor them for their commitment to St. Anthony. Click here for the full list of names!

Service Awards

logoWe Are One St. Anthony - Appreciation 

Simple acts of appreciation have a tremendous power to raise people's spirits, show respect and let people know how they are doing. Make a point to show appreciation every day. It's as simple as, "What I appreciate about you is...."


StephStephanie Neumayer Named Great Iowa Nurse

Congratulations to Stephanie Neumayer RN, BSN, MedSurg-BC, PED-BC for being named a 2024 Great Iowa Nurse!

The goal of Great Iowa Nurses is to recognize Iowa nurses who routinely go above and beyond every day and take that extra step to ensure safe, compassionate care for their patients. 

A portion of Stephanie's nomination read: "Integrity and curiosity are Stephanie's superpowers. She thoughtfully identifies and pursues ways to improve patient experiences, nursing processes, and staff disposition through mentorship, education, and policy development.

Great Iowa Nurse will hold a virtual ceremony in the Spring. St. Anthony will honor Steph with a reception as well.


The Iowa Hospital Association created a video to send to Dallas County Hospital in Perry, Iowa in light of their community tragedy. St. Anthony participated with a video saying, "PERRY STRONG!" and featured as the last clip on the video. Over 30 hospitals and systems participated in the video. Below is a photo from the recording day. To watch the video, visit YouTube and type in Iowa Hospital Association. 

Perry Strong

Treasuring Talent: Megan Sorensen & Kelly Page

Treasuring Talent is a voluntary program established by the R3 Committee where individual employees are highlighted from our staff. The program is a way for our hospital, surrounding clinics & community to get to know and appreciate the incredible team of people serving at St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

Love your job at St. Anthony? Submit an entry to the R3 Committee to be featured!



St. Anthony Diabetes Prevention Program: Discovery Session

Sign up now by calling the Chronic Care Center at ext. 5903.


Sign up for the Live Healthy Iowa 5K in Manning by clicking the image!



Meet your new co-workers who joined us this past month. 

  • Jaidan – Nursing Home
  • Megan  – Med/Surg/Peds
  • Hanan  – Environmental Services
  • Randa  – Med/Surg/Peds
  • Ambur  – Surgery
  • Emily – Med/Surg/Peds
  • Dr. Johnson – St. Anthony Clinic
  • Ashlyn  – Food & Nutrition
  • Maja  – Environmental Services
  • Christiana  – Nursing Home
  • Tiffany – Health Information
  • Brooke  – Food & Nutrition
  • Melanie – St. Anthony Clinic
  • Meybi  – Denison Clinic

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For more information, call Hallie Golay at ext. 5243

Wellness at Work

Wellness@Work is officially hospital-wide! No dues are required. 

Going forward, Wellness@Work updates will be in The Pulse.

Biggest Loser Challenge 2024: There are 15 participants and 4 teams. This ends April 1.

Join the St. Anthony Wellness @ Work Facebook group! Search: Wellness@Work to join.

 Our condolences for your loss this past monthCondolences

  • Corynn, Radiology, for the loss of her grandmother
  • Cathy, Finance, for the loss of her mother.
  • Dr. Canuso, Mental Health Services, for the loss of her father.



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