Infant Feeding Support Group

This group is for all new moms who are breastfeeding or bottle feeding their baby. It is not necessary to register – just come to the Birth Place to join!

Juggling a new baby while managing the postpartum stage can be a challenge. Other moms shareInfant Feeding Support Group your experience. In this informal setting, new moms come together to share ideas and helpful tips for coping. You will have the opportunity to weigh your baby and meet new friends. Chat with our Certified Lactation Consultant who can answer your questions about infant feeding and milestones. 

Although Birth Place classes have been temporarily suspended for COVID safety, we welcome your questions and comments either by phone or email to 712-794-5260 or A member of the Birth Place team would be happy to discuss breastfeeding, registration, or any element of your birth experience at St. Anthony. Please check back when visiting restrictions are lifted. 

Click HERE to view the flyer for location and times.