Athletic Training
The Athletic Training Program is designed to provide a safe playing environment and to assure coaches, players and parents that St. Anthony is committed to the well-being of the programs in their community. Working together with the physicians and therapists, rehab programs are individually designed to ensure a safe return to full activity for area athletes who sustain an injury.


Also offered is St. Anthony’s Sports Performance Program which is individually designed to maximize each athlete’s movement capabilities. Each program is carefully planned to meet the specific needs of both the athlete and the sport, in a safe, enjoyable atmosphere that encourages success. The program is designed with workouts consisting of exercises targeted toward speed and agility, power, strength, core strength and balance. For more information about the Sports Performance Program, contact Steve Schable, at

Athletic Training Services Include:

          • On-site coverage of athletic events

- Athletic screening and evaluation

- Sports injury management

- Clinical rehab programs

- Sports Performance Program