Occupational Therapy is a health and rehabilitation profession. The occupational therapy professionals at St. Anthony Regional Hospital work with people of all ages who, because of illness, injury, developmental, or psychological impairment, need specialized assistance to lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives. 

Occupational Therapy Services include:

- Evaluation of each individual’s functional abilities

- Development of a customized treatment plan for increased independence and increased quality of life

- Home or job site analysis to provide an environment that encourages optimal function

- Provision/instruction in adaptive equipment for independence

- Custom splinting/orthotic fitting for upper extremeties

- Instruction and/or inservice to family, co-workers, staff members, or caregivers, for maximum functional performance

- Treatment of medical conditions which may benefit from occupational therapy services, including, but not limited to orthopedic musculoskeletal injuries to upper extremities, stroke, total joint replacements, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, lymphedema, Alzheimer or other neurological conditions, learning disabilities, developmental delays, autism, cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury.