The Birth Place welcomes you to St. Anthony Regional Hospital! At the Birth Place, we strive to provide a loving start for every baby and loving care for every mom. Our promise to you is to provide respectful care, education, safety and security to make your stay with us a positive experience.

To meet your busy lifestyle, St. Anthony offers home-based prenatal classes through our eLearning Childbirth Education Programs. The eLearning programs may also be used as a "refresher" to reinforce what you may already know.

The Gift of Motherhood course is an interactive web-based program that includes animated illustrations, videos and voice-overs and can be viewed on a PC, Mac or mobile device. High speed internet is advised, but dial-up will work; it will take longer to download.

The St. Anthony Gift of Motherhood program includes:
• Access to the eLearning program for 9 months starting from the first time you log in. You will receive an access code after you register and pay for the class.
• A handbook sent to you by mail.
• An option to schedule a Birth Place tour.
• Personal instruction on relaxation and breathing techniques from a registered nurse labor coach upon request.
• The opportunity to contact a St. Anthony Birth Place nurse and Certified Childbirth Educator by email to answer brief questions.

Learn about pregnancy, childbirth and baby care in the comfort of your home, office, library, or wherever you have internet connection. With the Gift of Motherhood course you will learn about:
• What to expect during childbirth

• How to manage the discomforts of pregnancy

• Labor and how to develop a birth plan

• How to care for yourself after delivery and at home

• Baby basics, including the feeding and care of your newborn

The class fee of $30 includes:
• Unlimited access for 9 months to the Gift of Motherhood childbirth education course
• Unlimited access for 9 months to the Gift of Motherhood breastfeeding course
• The Gift of Motherhood handbook
• Personal consultation with a childbirth educator
• Personal tour of the Birth Place
• Other available resources

For more information, please call or email St. Anthony Regional Hospital Education Services at 712-794-5243 or

Thank you for thinking of St. Anthony for your birthing experience!

A loving start for every baby, loving care for every mom