As a woman, you have a very special role in life. So St. Anthony Regional Hospital has designed an array of services for your unique health and wellness requirements. Our 3D mammography and ultrasound combine with CT and bone densitometry to provide high-tech diagnostic services for women of all ages. We offer you wellness coordination, hormone replacement and infertility treatment programs. And of course, you can turn to our caring, board-certified doctor for your OB/GYN needs at any time.

If a crisis strikes, or if you seek help with emotional concerns, St. Anthony Regional Hospital is ready to help with professional inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment. You can heal through family or individual therapy, social services, psychiatric consultation, nutritional counseling, psychopharmacology and other St. Anthony’s assistance to help you deal with stressful life situations.

St. Anthony Regional Hospital also offers educational opportunities to help women prepare for the childbirth experience and after care. When it’s time for delivery, you’ll find the latest advances in the “Birth Place,” our family-centered childbirth environment. Here, you may choose one of our special birthing rooms for your unique “rooming in” opportunity. At St. Anthony, an LDRP room provides a warm, home-like setting throughout the labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum birthing experience. If a C-section is required, you’ll be within seconds of our fully equipped operating room located inside the birthing department. And of course, anesthesia and surgeons are immediately available for you on a 24/7 basis.

If you are a woman, St. Anthony Regional Hospital is thoroughly staffed and equipped to deal with all your healthcare needs.

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