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St. Anthony understands that staying at home, near family and friends, plays an important part in promoting health and speeding recovery. St. Anthony Home Health professionals bring high quality healthcare services into the comfort of your home on an intermittent basis.  St. Anthony Home Health, as a hospital-based home healthcare service, is able to bring extended services to you in the comfort of home.

St. Anthony’s home care professionals assess your individual needs and establish a plan of care, following your physician’s recommendation, to best meet your needs and provide care for you at home.

Registered Nurses care for you by providing:

  1.      Body Systems Assessments
  2.      Individualized Health Education
  3.      Dressing Changes and Wound Treatments
  4.      Medication and Diet Instruction
  5.      Injections
  6.      Family Guidance
  7.      Consultation with your Physician
  8.      Maternal Newborn Visits
  9.      Recommendations for other hospital-based services as needed

 Home Care Aides assist with:

  1.      Bathing
  2.      Personal Care such as oral hygiene, hair care or dressing
  3.      Daily Activities that may include light housekeeping, preparation of meals, or walking

Physical & Occupational Therapy Professionals help maintain safety and independence by:

  1.      Developing and Improving Body Skills
  2.      Relieving Pain
  3.      Exercise Instruction
  4.      Restoring and Maintaining Activity Levels

Speech Pathology helps recover communication skills or compensate for skills that cannot be restored. A speech therapist provides makes recommendations and carries out the actual instruction on the skills necessary for speaking and swallowing.

Any patient or interested individual, relative, friend or physician may request services or further information by contacting St. Anthony Home Health Services
712-794-5279 or 1-800-684-3020

The office is located in the Luke Medical Building, just east of St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home.
Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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A Registered Nurse is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for after-hour inquiries.

St. Anthony Home Health is Medicare Certified. Upon meeting eligibility requirements, reimbursement for services can be arranged through Medicare, Medicaid/Title XIX, most private insurance companies, and private payment. Services may also be provided through the Public Health Nursing Grant using a sliding fee scale for those who qualify or financial assistance may be obtained through the St. Anthony Cares program.

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St. Anthony Home Health Services
318 S. Maple St., Carroll, IA 51401 

712-794-5279 or 1-800-684-3020