Certified Nursing Assistant Training


Through the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program at St. Anthony, you can be hired as a CNA and begin working without certification. Those who do not have a current certification receive initial job training (20 hours) and are enrolled in the next available Nurse Aide Orderly class at a community college of their choice, with the tuition covered by St. Anthony.

What is a CNA?

  • CNAs are an essential part of the healthcare team. CNAs work under the supervision of a licensed nurse and provide cares for patients and residents. Common tasks include obtaining vital signs, weights, personal cares, bathing, and feeding.

What employment opportunities exist at St. Anthony for CNAs?

  • St. Anthony utilizes CNAs in several departments, including Med/Surg/Peds, Inpatient Mental Health, Nursing Home, and Garden View Assisted Living. The duties in each position differ slightly, so you can choose the role that fits your goals and interests.

How long does it take to become a CNA?

  • The Nurse Aide Orderly class typically lasts anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and includes online or in-person coursework, lab, and clinical hours at St. Anthony.

How can a CNA job help me get started in a healthcare career?

  • Becoming a CNA is a great stepping stone for anyone interested in nursing or other health occupations. Working as a CNA is a helpful starting point to learn healthcare basics, terminology, and processes. Additionally, because the nurse aide course is pre-requisite of many nursing programs, having a preexisting CNA certification can expedite your enrollment.

How do I get started?

  • Apply for a position online. After hire, we will work with you to schedule training and enroll you in a CNA class. The cost of your tuition will be covered by St. Anthony.
  • If you have questions about CNA opportunities at St. Anthony, contact St. Anthony Education Services at 712-794-5243 or education@stanthonyhospital.org.