Health Coach

A Health Coach is a patient advocate who:

  1. Works with you to track and report your health status and health issues to the medical team.
  2. Can work with you to set goals and put you on a path to better health.
  3. Helps you become an 'expert' in the management of your health.
  4. Offers weight managment series:
    1. A collaborative approach of a Registered Dietitian and ARNP
    2. Works with your primary health care provider
    3. Establishes specific and realistic weight loss goals
    4. Focuses on behavior, activity, and meal planning for success

Support from a Health Coach has proven to be the key difference in helping patients realize lasting changes in behavior that impact not only their health and their family's well being, but also results in fewer emergency room visits and recurring hospitalizations.

For more information about the Chronic Care Center or adding a Health Coach to your healthcare team, call 712-794-5901.