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Make an Appointment

Please call 712-794-5549, we will help you get a referral from your personal physician OR you can contact your family physician and ask for a referral to the Diabetes Center. We work with your family physician throughout the program.

On a visit to the Diabetes Center, you will see both an RN and a dietitian. We offer a complete program in which you will learn everything you need to know about diabetes. You learn about using a meter, blood sugar testing, and medications. The dietitians help develop a meal plan to fit your lifestyle, all on the first visit. You are encouraged to bring a support person along such as your husband, wife, significant other, or a friend.


Diabetes Support Group

This group is designed for anyone affected by diabetes, along with families, friends and any others in a supporting role. People share common concerns, goals and interests and find insight, new ideas and effective forms of coping with the disease. Aspects of diabetes self-management are also discussed, such as exercise, nutrition, stress and blood glucose monitoring. The healthcare professionals leading the group can clarify myths and misinformation. Members are encouraged to seek support from family and friends and learn how to relate more effectively with their healthcare team.  For questions call 712-794-5549.

The St. Anthony Diabetes Education program is here to help you treat your diabetes, take charge, and manage it!