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• Weight Gain or Weight Loss
• Menu Planning
• Diabetes
• Kidney Disease
• Food Handling
• Sports Nutrition
• Food Labels
• Lowering Cholesterol
• Cancer
• And Many More!

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Ask the Dietitian - FAQs


Q. How can you eat six meals per day and still lose weight?
Q. When trying to lose weight, is it a good idea to eliminate certain food groups, like carbohydrates?
Q. Can you eat out and still maintain your diet?
Q. Can your thyroid affect your ability to lose weight?

Catherine 3

Catherine Wernimont, RDN, LD, BS in Dietetics, Iowa State University

Sasha Bloyer, RDN, LD,
BS in Dietetics, Iowa State University

Krista 2

Krista Heuton, RDN, LD,
BS in Dietetics, University of Northern Colorado

Michelle Scranton, MS, RDN, LD, MS in Dietetics, Eastern Illinois University

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